Whatever You Do Today, Let It Be Enough




By Jo Moss in A Journey Through The Fog.


I wrote this post especially for ProHealth Inspirational Corner and it first appeared there on the 11th March 2019.

Your worth is not measured by your productivity”

We live in a society that teaches us that unless we are pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone, constantly striving to do more, we are not embracing life or living to our full potential.

But how does this expectation affect people whose lives are already filled with the daily challenges that accompany ill-health?

I have spent the majority of life feeling like I need to prove myself worthy. That somehow, if I’m not striving for 100% everyday, then I’m not a successful and productive member of society. I have pushed myself way beyond my limits on many occasions, and it’s part of the reason why my health has deteriorated so badly over the years.


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