10 Tips For The Disabled Cook




By Shredded Grace in Learning How.


I forget if I ever mentioned this, but Ed LOVES cooking.  He actually wants to be the Next Food Network Star and prefers to be called “Chef Blueberry.”  He makes all sorts of delicious things, and since it’s all imaginary food, it’s completely non-caloric!  It’s a good thing he’s around since my own kitchen mobility issues have put a damper on my cooking abilities.

To be clear, I was never a fantastic cook – I was simply at the level where I would not (nor would my houseguests) go hungry.  I was also able to occasionally invite people over, e.g. the time I was serving experimental pie to DnA and I opened the freezer, threw the ice cream in and slammed the door shut so everything else wouldn’t fall out.

These days I have more limitations than just skill, e.g., mobility (I often “cruise” in the kitchen like a baby – holding on to furniture), carrying things (can’t carry it unless it’s very small; it’s best if I can carry with one hand, put my hand on a surface for stability, and move the object along the countertop), knives = scary, stove and oven = scary, etc.  Yeah.  So cooking is a bit of a challenge for me.


To read the tips, click on the link below:


Link to Disability Cooking Tips

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