20 Things About Being Sick At Twenty



From The Hospital Princess Blog by Chey.


You meander your way into the doctor’s office. It appears there is a long wait. The doctor is running behind, as always, and his staff is in no hurry to conclude their lunch break. You take a seat next to a frail old woman whose walker displays tennis ball decor. She is in the process of filling out paperwork. Although 60 years your senior, you notice that her symptom list is less extensive than your own. You feel slightly out of place, but after taking out your knitting, you receive an approving nod.

Your next scheduled appointment is with your long established pediatric primary physician that has agreed to continue seeing you until age 21. That appointment also entails lots of waiting. Surrounded by a room elaborately done in an ocean scene, it seems you have even less in common with the fellow patients. One toddler wails at the fish painted on the wall, while another wobbles to the toy box, a nervous parent trailing closely at its heels.

The twenties are awkward. And when chronic illness is involved, we become the clumsy teenagers of the medical world—never truly belonging in pediatric or adult care as we attempt to live up to the expectations dictated by age.


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