2018 Ramsay Class Receives Supplemental Funding To Support Innovative Projects From New Investigators




From Solve ME/CFS Initiative.


Solve ME/CFS Initiative (SMCI) is pleased to announce that we have received funding to support additional Ramsay studies for the 2018 Ramsay Award Program Class that will be led by Dawei Li, PhD, an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont, and Malav Trivedi, PhD, an Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University. Both Dr. Li and Dr. Trivedi come to the ME/CFS field relatively early in their careers and bring the kind of enthusiasm and innovative thinking that bode well for the next wave of ME/CFS discoveries.

Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) and their expression in chronic fatigue syndrome

Primary Investigator: Assistant Professor Dawei Li, University of Vermont

Dr. Li will use novel algorithms to identify and genotype genome-wide endogenous retroviruses (ERVs), which are viral elements in our genome that are derived from retroviruses. If successful, the study could identify genetic and viral causes of ME/CFS in severely ill patient cohorts. Dr. Li has set up a powerful collaboration with Drs. Alain Moreau (Université de Montréal), Ron Davis (Stanford University), Wenzhong Xiao (Harvard University), and Alan Light (University of Utah) that will leverage the collective knowledge and innovation across their laboratories.


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