22 People Share The Hidden Reality Of Working Full-Time With Chronic Illness




By Paige Wyant in The Mighty.


When you develop chronic illness, your schedule can quickly fill up with doctor appointments, treatments and procedures. Any free time is often spent resting or staying in bed because of the pain, fatigue or other symptoms. For many, managing a chronic illness can be a full-time job in itself. But what happens if you work full-time on top of that?

Some people with chronic illness continue to work full-time perhaps for financial reasons (all those doctor visits, medications and treatments can really add up), the mental and social health benefits or to pursue a career they are deeply passionate about.

Although working full-time can be beneficial in some ways, it can also be incredibly stressful and both physically and mentally taxing for those with chronic illness. Common misconceptions, such as “you can’t be that sick if you work!” can be additionally frustrating and isolating.


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