26 Tips For New Moms Living With ME/CFS




By Emma England in The Mighty.


Following a difficult spell with illness and sleepless nights with my toddler, it got me thinking about how I managed to cope when he was a tiny baby. Looking back to those early days when he didn’t sleep much at all during the night, it was such an exhausting time.

Having a new baby is unbelievably tiring for all new parents, but when living with a chronic illness like myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), it really does push you to your absolute limits. It can be challenging enough trying to look after yourself, never mind adding another little person into the mix!

Thankfully it’s all very rewarding, and for me without a doubt, most definitely worth it. Despite all the rewards, that’s not to say it’s not really tough going. There are days when your body is crying out to stop and rest, but you have to push through and keep going. This is the opposite to all the things we learn to best manage our illness, like pacing and getting adequate rest.


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