4 Essential Limitations To Set When You’re Chronically Ill


By Tony Bernhard J.D. in Psychology Today?

For many years after I became chronically ill, I was in denial about the need to set limitations in order to keep my symptoms as manageable as possible. I refused to believe that I might not recover my health. I thought: “You get sick; you get better. It’s as simple as that.” But that’s not the case for millions of people across the globe.

One example of my refusal to set limitations is that six months after becoming ill, I forced myself to return to my teaching career. Even though I only taught part-time, I was too sick to be working. I write about this in the second chapter of How to Be Sick—how my life consisted of either lying in bed at home, lying on a couch in my office, or sitting on a chair while I taught my class.


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