5 Things Councils Can Do To Make Areas More Accessible




By Heather Lacey in AccessAble.


As the world becomes more and more connected, we are increasingly fortunate to have the potential to explore more of what the UK’s towns and cities have to offer. Getting out and about to enjoy the activities and attractions that our Towns and Cities have can be incredibly enriching. Nothing quite beats being able to get out and about to explore your surroundings: there’s opportunities for socialisation, the chance to get out and about to sample culinary delights, and to immerse ourselves in culture and the rich history the UK has to offer.

Unfortunately, when you’re disabled, or have additional needs, exploring Towns and Cities in this way isn’t always easy when you have to think about your accessibility requirements, what could be a simple trip into a city centre can soon turn into a real nightmare. So this begs the question: what could councils be doing to make sure disabled visitors can enjoy everything their city has to offer? Here’s a few suggestions below:


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