6 Pieces Of Advice For Starting University With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



By Risa Hardcastle in The Mighty.


This month I finally submitted the last of my university work. It was an incredibly challenging process, however, I am extremely proud of myself for making it through. Over the course of my studies I battled my various health issues, one of which was chronic fatigue syndrome. By the end of my degree (particularly the last few months), I was hanging on by a thread. I struggled to come up with a system which worked for me.

A lot of it for me was trial and error, which I am sure is the case for most people. That being said, I have compiled a list of advice I wish someone had given me before I started university:

1. Your health and well-being should come first. It can be tempting to put your health to the back of your mind. Trying to live the student life can be unhealthy – stress, late nights or even all-nighters, skipping meals and the like. But remember you will likely regret it, especially if you get post-exertion malaise syndrome.


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