6 Worrying Things About Online Shopping


Online Shopping

By Carlton Boyce in SAGA Magazine.


I have been an avid member of eBay for the past 14 years and a customer of Amazon for almost as long. Both have transformed the way I shop – and probably not in a good way if you happen to be a local retailer with a physical presence on the high street.

The trouble is, internet retailers have made it too easy; slipping along a path greased with special offers, free next-day delivery and the sort of customer-focussed guarantees that even M&S would blanch at, has led to me into a blinkered, semi-catatonic state in which I see something I like and click unthinkingly.

But I shouldn’t, and nor should you. There never has been, and never will be, any such thing as a free lunch; here are six things about online shopping that you might not know.


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