7 Top Tips To Survive A Crash And Still Be Mum

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Caring for a sick kid or kids when you have your own chronic illnesses to deal with can be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.  I find myself repeatedly ignoring the warning signs that my symptoms are spiralling because I simply do not have a minute to deal with them.  My children quite simply have to come first and sometimes their needs mean that mine are not met.  In an ideal world we would pace everything, manage pain, eat well, stay hydrated you know the drill… but in reality this simply doesn’t happen.

It’s a catch 22.  When I lack sleep, grab food on the go (because I’ve forgotten to eat, it’s way past lunch time and I’m still holding on the phone to the hospital to sort referrals and evidence for school), it means that the food I’m eating is not really what my body needs, but it has to do.  Caffeine keeps me going.  But this won’t work forever, as I keep dipping into those reserves of energy and as the adrenaline kicks in, the anxious knot in my tummy tightness.  The crash is coming.


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