7 TV Shows That Got Chronic Illness (Mostly) Right


Golden Girls


By Erin Migdol in The Mighty.


If you’re looking for an accurate, informative, compassionate representation of your illness, it’s safe to say you’ll probably have a hard time finding it on TV. Most shows portray illnesses in a sensational, highly dramatized way, picking and choosing certain symptoms or stereotypes to emphasize and ignoring the reality patients face. It can be frustrating to watch as someone who actually lives with the illness because you know viewers are getting an inaccurate look at a condition they may not know anything else about — which can make it harder for them to understand and empathize with you.

However, occasionally you come across a TV show that seems to have made an effort to “get it right.” These shows can make viewers with the condition feel validated and actually help start conversations about illnesses that are often misunderstood. So we reviewed seven shows to see how well they portrayed an illness.


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