A Brief But Spectacular Take On Chronic Illness

The emergence of long COVID has drawn attention to poorly understood chronic illnesses. This week, over a thousand people living with those diseases signed up to meet virtually with members of Congress to push for more funding for chronic illnesses. Disability advocate Rivka Solomon gives us her Brief But Spectacular take on advocating for those with chronic illnesses.

Rivka Solomon:

Leading up to this interview, I was definitely nervous and anxious, but I have done a lot of public speaking.

However, what’s tricky about doing these kinds of interviews is that you never know when your brain is just going to fly away, and I will not be able to remember what it is I want to say. I won’t be able to formulate sentences.

When I was 21, two of my college roommates and I all got mononucleosis at the same time. They got better in a month or so, and I essentially never got better. After a year of being bedridden, I had a few years of semi-remission, but it didn’t last. It all came back with a second infection, pneumonia, and I stayed sick for three decades.

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