A Continuing Saga Of Ineptitude


From Invest In ME Research.



After failing ME patients for so many years with their guidelines, and despite being taken to a judicial review (by patients), and despite the NICE guidelines director seeming to admit that the current guidelines were unfit for purpose, NICE were able to begin afresh and really concentrate on doing the right thing once the decision had been made to review the existing guidelines [1].

Yet with their insistence on retaining CBT and GET as recommendations for treatments for ME in the current guidelines whilst new guidelines are developed, which potentially will do damage to patients’ health, then one is left to wonder how genuine NICE really have been.

The correspondence between Invest in ME Research and NICE director Professor Mark Baker [2] should have sent alarm bells to all.

IiMER’s carefully crafted questions elicited responses from Director Baker which really showed the compromised position that NICE continues to retain.


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