A Fatigue Nucleus In Multiple Sclerosis… And ME/CFS And Fibromyalgia ?

Brain anatomy  - cross section

By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.

Fatigue has been a mystery to the research world. Take multiple sclerosis (MS) – one of the most fatiguing diseases known. Fatigue is often one of the first

symptoms that shows up in MS and it’s often the most troubling symptom MS patients experience, yet the fatigue in MS isn’t associated with the nerve lesions that cause the movement and other problems found in the disease.

Despite the lack of correlation between nerve lesion damage and fatigue, fatigue worsens as the disease progresses. It’s clear that several parts of the brain are affected in MS – the location of the lesions (usually in the supratentorial and perivenular areas and around the spinal cord in the neck) – and somewhere else.


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