A Letter To Jeremy Hunt



……and How Millions of ‘MUS’ Patients Lose Out in the NHS.

By Goodelf

(Part 2 in the ‘Untangling the MUS Web’ series of articles)

In my first online post, “Untangling the MUS Web” – https://opposingmega.wordpress.com/2020/05/01/untangling-the-mus-web/ , I revealed how doctors, healthcare commissioners and other healthcare workers have been misled regarding the risks of adopting the current UK strategy towards ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ (MUS) of quickly identifying patients with MUS and diverting them away from biomedical care to cheaper psychological therapies instead. By splitting their write-up of a key MUS study between two separate papers, the authors – Nimnuan, Hotopf and Wessely – enabled researchers and authors to cite a 2001 paper for its finding of high MUS prevalence rates (averaging 52%) in secondary care without readers being aware of the unacceptably high MUS misdiagnosis rates that accompanied the study that were documented in a sister paper that was published in 2000.


The Nimnuan et al 2001 paper has been referenced hundreds of times and is still being used as evidence of high MUS prevalence rates, but whenever it is cited readers should be made aware of the appalling levels of MUS misdiagnosis that the study uncovered which averaged over 25% of patients initially diagnosed with MUS being wrongly diagnosed and in two specialties reached as high as 40%.


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Link to MUS story

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