A Letter To ME

A Letter To ME


I want to write a letter

To me of years ago

To tell me of what’s coming up

To tell me what’s in store


If this was really possible

Where then would I start

How do I say, what’s coming my way

How do I break my heart


Do I say stop working so hard

Give yourself a break

That candle’s burning at both ends

Slow down for goodness sake


What warning signs should I look for

How do I explain

Would I really listen

What would be the gain


Do I write about a virus

How do you hide from that

A traumatic event

That gives your system a dent

How do you start that chat


Do I suggest cut out the running

And all the sport I did

I’d see that as a sin

Throw the letter in the bin

And just nail down the lid


Would I change the man I was

Would I believe all that’s to come

I know I should, but I don’t think I would

I’d just carry on, and then some



How would I explain to me

That M.E. will be there soon

I wouldn’t know what the hell it is

So just couldn’t be in tune


So thinking about the future

Would I change my past

I’d maybe try, but I wouldn’t lie

I don’t think the changes would last


So if I write this letter

Maybe I’ll forget the plan

To tell me all that’s coming

To prepare all that I can


You see, I’d want to be hopeful

To write about the cure

But as we all know, research is slow

And our future is so unsure


So I think all I’d write

To help in this plight

Are of things that’ll work for the best

To help deal with ME

What we have you see

Is only good pacing and rest


I wish I could write with more promise

Of a future that wasn’t so grey

But I’ll read and take heed

That research has God speed

While we await our Red Letter Day



By Bill Clayton

© 2020




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