A letter To My Chronic illness



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Dear Chronic illness,

I am going to start off by saying I wish you would just give me a break. You certainly gave me more than I bargained for at 13. I was expecting my teenage years to be hard but not as hard as they were with you coming on the scene. Why do you have to be a difficult illness to test and treat? Not only that but you appear invisible. I don`t just have to battle you on a daily basis but also doctors, friends and family. Now I am in my 20`s I like to think we understand each other a bit better even though there are days I hate you and you hate me. If only you realised how bad you affect me physically and mentally.

Daily I am constantly fighting through. Some days just leaving bed and having a shower is impossible. I can deal with tiredness but not the overwhelming exhaustion, where I feel like I am dragging my body, forcing each step and movement, just wanting to collapse and sleep for a whole year. Even though that still wouldn`t make me feel completely refreshed with the muscle, joint aches and pains I experience all over my body and faintness which makes me constantly need to sit down. (one day I might faint into the arms of a guy)


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