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Hi everyone.   I hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves and I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.

As you are all probably aware by now, we held the first coffee morning recently and it was attended by six lovely ladies who, I believe enjoyed the hour or so we spend together. Future coffee morning dates have now been set (please see the Calendar) to occur on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, which I do hope people will be able to attend, so please log into the site and let us know if you are able to attend.

As Christmas is fast approaching I was wondering whether anyone wanted to change one of the dates and have a ”Christmas lunch” instead of the coffee morning, on either the November, December or January date?

Could I please, therefore, ask if you could message me, ideally as soon as possible, to let me know whether:
– You would like a get together for lunch – Yes or No
– Which meeting date you would prefer to do this
– November, December or January
(Bearing in mind that if you decide on December a deposit may be required by any potential venue)
– Any suggestion for a venue in the centre of York.
I can then collate the responses and see whether it is viable alternative.
Very many thanks for your support for these coffee mornings and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a lovely day.


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  1. Hi Anne. I’d like to attend a Christmas Lunch please. I’m going to ask Santa for extra strong ear plugs this year, so maybe have it in January ? I think December will be a bit hectic out there and also, as you say, may require a deposit that we might lose if we wake up having a bad one !

    A favourite place of mine is Stonegate Yard which was the old ‘Oscars’, if you want to throw that in amongst the other venue suggestions !

  2. Hi Anne,
    Looking forward to meeting you at the next coffee morning hopefully. I’m generally in favour of meals out, so November or January would be good for me! A minced pie over coffee would also be nice if a lunch doesn’t suit people.

    1. Hi Lucie
      Very many thanks for your response and I look forward to meeting you at the next coffee morning. I have sent you a private message.
      Take care
      Anne x

  3. Hi Anne, I missed the first coffee morning but would like to come to others. I’d like to go for a Christmas something too.. Dinner or a festive coffee morning would be good. Am open to any dates.

    1. Hi Mal. Very many thanks for your response and it will be great to meet you at the next coffee morning in November. Please register your intent to attend the mornings, which are scheduled to occur every 3rd Tuesday in each month, via the calendar, which will help me keep track of potential numbers for the venue.
      At the moment I’m just collating responses for, as you call it, a “Christmas something” but we’ll hopefully do something. I’ll keep everyone posted.

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