I have received the following invitation to members of the group with regard to using acupuncture as a treatment for ME.  As stated elsewhere on the site, I don’t censor invitations of this type, but nor am I giving my recommendation, only adding my view if I have experience to share.

In my early years of having ME, I did try acupuncture, but didn’t find that it worked for me, and found it a little expensive for no real benefit.  I’ve heard others say they have found some relief, and so as always, I’d suggest you take advice before trying anything like this.  It may be that others in the group have a view, and I would encourage everyone to chip in with their experiences please.


Alexander Humphries 07925064468

My name is Alex Humphries and i am a licensed Acupuncturist and massage therapist working in York  (member of the British Acupuncture council) . I was wondering if you would be interested in your group learning more about how Acupuncture could help Symptoms from ME

Acupuncture is and supportive and gentle therapy for suffers of ME, it can help reduce symptoms of the conditions such as headaches, insomnia, digestive issues and body pain etc. Take a look at the British Acupuncture Council website which has more information on how it can help .


Link to British Acupuncture Council Website

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