All The Time And None At All



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Dr. Francis Collins, in answering a question about ME research on April 20th, said that NIH recognizes and empathizes with our suffering and our “frustration that so little is known.” Then he dropped some knowledge.

Dr. Collins said, “Research, done correctly, takes time.” Thank you, Captain Obvious.

We KNOW research takes time, Dr. Collins. That is why we have been pleading with NIH to invest appropriately in ME research for more than thirty years.

We have felt every second of those years go by, as the sands dropped grain by grain through the hourglass like so many drops of blood. I have personally watched the last 8,603 days (and still counting) of my life dissolve behind me, along with the dreams and plans of the healthy twenty-six year old woman I was before ME derailed my life.

In fact, there has already been plenty of time. Time for me to contemplate the wreckage of my life and try to build something new. And plenty of time for that research – being done correctly – to find some answers. Can you imagine, Dr. Collins, if there had been more research over the last 8,603 days? Don’t you think that more would be known?


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