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Scientific analysis and ME psychosocial research:

will they ever meet?


I get frustrated by the endless recycling of unsubstantiated claims and opinions about ME, and can fully understand why many people get quite angry about it. So I intend to write a short series of blogs looking at the claims that some people make and studies that people believe support them. It will involve a certain amount of statistics, but I do not intend to get bogged down in the numbers: you only need common sense and logic to see where these studies fall down.

I used to teach maths, and I get very annoyed with researchers who use what I call “spreadsheet statistics.” In the old days (my youth), before even calculators were around, we had to think very, very carefully about which forms of analysis to use, because the calculations involved took ages. Now researchers just click on a function button on a spreadsheet and get all sorts of complex calculations performed.

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