Angry Scientists Throw Insults At Each Other Over The Results Of A £5 Million Taxpayer-Funded Study Into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome




By Stephen Matthews in Mail Online.


Angry scientists are throwing cheap insults at each other regarding the ‘flawed’ results of a landmark £5 million British study on chronic fatigue syndrome.

One medical journal dedicated its entire August edition to ripping apart the ‘unreliable’ trial, which was funded by taxpayers.

In response, three editors at the Journal of Health Psychology, who are all scientists, have resigned. One said the journal displayed ‘unacceptable one-sidedness’.

An upset co-editor of the journal hit back and told him to ‘f*** off’ for his ‘attempted bullying’, leaked emails obtained by The Times show.

He also called him a ‘disgusting old fart neoliberal hypocrite’ – despite once considering him a ‘hero’ and referring to him as a ‘Trotskyite’ in his younger days.

The argument, which provides an amusing insight into the world of academia, has come about regarding the controversial PACE trial, which was published in prestigious medical journal The Lancet in 2011.

Such findings of the study, long ridiculed by sufferers, have been used to help form the basis of treatment in Britain and the US and sparked a debate that the condition is merely psychological.

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