Ask About My Disability If You’re Curious, But Don’t Patronise Me


Samantha Renke


By Samantha Renke in the Metro.


As a disabled woman, I’ve sadly become somewhat immune to overt forms of aggression and discrimination.

I almost expect the lift to be out of service whilst shopping. I also acknowledge that my work prospects are diminished in comparison to my non-disabled peers, and that it’s highly likely I will be abandoned on a train without a ramp because assistance has ‘forgotten’ about me.

Having regularly faced these obstacles over the years I’ve learnt to navigate through them, in my own way. That’s not to say they don’t enrage and frustrate me to the point where I want to scream, of course. I do most of my shopping online nowadays to avoid any inaccessibility on the high street, and I work freelance, thus creating my own job opportunities. This has helped me regain some autonomy over my life.


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