Atos Nurse Continues PIP Assessment While Claimant Has ‘Grand Mal’ Epilepsy Seizures



By John Pring in Disability News Service.


A nurse carrying out a disability benefit assessment fired questions at a disabled man’s wife while her husband was in the middle of a severe and prolonged series of epileptic seizures just a few feet away.

Daniel Marshall, from Dorset, had only been able to answer a couple of questions from the Atos nurse before the stress of the personal independence payment (PIP) assessment caused the first of a series of seizures.

Shortly after they began, he started to experience a period of “grand mal” seizures, which caused violent convulsions and led the father-of-two to bite his tongue and begin to bleed from his mouth.

Despite these seizures, the nurse failed to provide any advice or help, according to Daniel’s wife, Sinitta.

After waiting for the grand mal seizures to finish and stepping outside to call her boss for instructions, the nurse came back inside and asked if she could continue with the assessment, warning Sinitta that otherwise her husband would not be awarded any PIP.

She continued to ask questions for up to half an hour, the Marshall’s say, even though Sinitta told the nurse that she needed to change her husband’s clothes because he had wet himself.


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