Become A Motorsport Marshall

Steve Tarrant


By Steve Tarrant (@leglessmarshall) in Disabled Motoring Magazine.


So you are fascinated by the speed, power, noise and smell of Motorsport, but you lack (or recognise you don’t have) either a huge bank balance, the talent, or the mentality to become the next greatest world champion (ideally you do need all three!). So what can you do to satisfy your desire?

One possibility is to be a spectator, as most motor circuits are providing disabled access or viewing platforms for those in wheelchairs. Some tracks even provide special trackside disabled parking areas so that you can remain comfortable in your vehicle if you wish. After all, there’s nothing better than hearing first hand the sounds from trackside, something that never comes across adequately on the television screen. And the peripheral view, something the TV cameras can never replicate.

But suppose you still want to get even more involved in the sport, what options are there available to you?

Motorsport in the United Kingdom is governed by the Motor Sport Association (MSA), who hold the government mandate concerning the organisation for the majority of automobile Motorsport in this country. They issue the permits that allow a meeting to go ahead, conduct the safety inspections each year to ensure all the required safety provisions are in place, administer the issue of the competitors’ and officials’ licences, and send a steward to each meeting to ensure the meeting is conducted in the required manner and uphold the MSA’s standard.


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