Beneath The Surface, Part 3




From A Life Hidden.


The third and final part of a series analysing the British Association of CFS/ME (BACME) guidelines on severe ME.  I have chosen to write extensively on this subject, as the guidelines encompass several themes that are important to me.

The BACME guidelines support the biopsychosocial (BPS) model of ME, which holds that deconditioning and the avoidance of activity play a major part in ongoing symptoms.  In Part 1 and Part 2 I outlined my concerns about the guidelines, particularly their recommendation of graded exercise therapy (GET), also known as graded activity, and their failure to address many issues of critical importance in severe ME.

Today I ask whether deconditioning is relevant in the management of severe ME, and, if so, how it should be addressed.

I end by offering suggestions of ways in which the guidelines could be improved.

As this is a lengthy piece and will likely be a challenge for those who are ill, I have once again included a short summary at the end of each section, for anyone unable to read the full text.


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