Better Treatment Needed For 77,000 British Columbians With ME



By Sue Khazaie in The Province.


Imagine you are living the life of your dreams. You have a great job, a happy marriage and love traveling. And then you get sick. Really sick.

Soon you can’t work, go out, or perform basic household chores. Within weeks, you are bedridden and totally dependent on your partner for your care. Now you are unable to roll over or feed yourself, unable to tolerate light or sound, unable to digest regular food and cannot sleep. There is a constant buzzing in your ears and your whole body hurts.

Medical examinations identify various problems, but nothing that accounts for your symptoms, and neither your family doctor nor specialists can explain them. You are given a smorgasbord of diagnoses, yet none of the treatments change the relentless course of your disease. You get worse.


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