“Biomarker Research Advances In ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ ”



by Miriam Tucker, 8th November 2016


According to Professor Anthony Komaroff, Professor of Medicine at Harvard, studies over the last decade point to the biological underpinnings of ME/CFS.

At the biennial International Association for CFS/ME Conference in Fort Lauderdale (27th-30th October 2016), more than 100 papers were presented that further contribute to the existing evidence-base.

In his Summary at the end of the meeting Komaroff said: “Case control studies comparing patients with ME/CFS to both disease comparison groups and healthy control subjects find robust evidence of an underlying biological process involving the brain and autonomic nervous system, immune system, energy metabolism and oxidative and nitrosative stress”

He added:

“To those people out there who still question whether there really is anything wrong in this illness, my advice to them would be try consulting the evidence”.

Jose Montoya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, California, presented findings from the largest such study to date (involving 192 patients and 392 healthy but sedentary controls); he found significant elevations for 17 specific cytokines, 13 of them pro-inflammatory, that correlated with symptom severity in the serum of ME/CFS patients compared with controls. Montoya said these findings “likely substantiate many of the symptoms experienced by patients and the immune nature of the disease”.

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