Blue Badge Eligibility – Update September 2020



From Independent Living.


If you are a Blue Badge holder, and you have been struggling to find an unoccupied disabled parking bay, it is probably not surprising.

According to data obtained from Freedom of Information requests made by, there are 38 badge holders per parking space…

Since the welcome extension of Blue Badge eligibility to people with invisible disabilities, there have been an additional 35,000 applications. At the same time, only 1800 new parking spaces have been created.

This is despite the fact that the Department for Transport (Dft) agreed to provide £1.7 million of additional funding to councils in order to manage increased demand.

Non-disabled motorists abusing bays

In the last year, councils have levied nearly 158,000 fines for misuse of disabled parking spaces. This is just a fraction of the total abuse, however, as some 5% of drivers in the UK (2 million) admit to having wrongly used a Blue Badge bay.


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