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Brain Fog


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The ME Clinic explained that it was because my body was putting all its energy into my basic everyday ‘survival’.  Getting up early, getting ready and doing a full day’s work was taking all my energy, leaving nothing to spare for laying down short-term memory.  That left me struggling to remember directions to places I had been going for most of my life; forgetting names; losing what I was saying half way through sentences.  I would struggle with cognitive function – concentrating on tasks, figuring out sums and solutions to problems at work.


It was a huge problem at the time, and only really improved a bit when I became too unwell to work (a tiny silver lining I guess?!)  Once my body was getting the rest it craved, the fog cleared a bit.  I could finally speak for more than a few minutes without completely forgetting what I was talking about!  I no longer tried to cook without switching on the hob (yep, that really happened…).  Whilst I still had brain fog and it was still pretty annoying, it had improved to the point where I became used to it and didn’t give it a lot of thought.  My attention was focused on my fatigue and pain, which were much worse.


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