Can You Help Those In The York Area Suffering From ME ?




Do you live in the York area ?  If the answer is ‘Yes’, you are likely to know or live close to someone suffering with ME.  This is a serious Neurological illness that strikes at any age, and destroys lives.

By current research, there are around 800 people in the York area with ME.  200 of these people, including kids, will be severe.  This can mean that they are likely to be house bound or even bed bound.

There will be someone missing from your workplace, school, pub, sports club, suffering from ME and receiving little or no help and support.

The York ME Community is trying to raise awareness of this illness by getting everyone involved, both as individuals and businesses.  Some of our current supporters are shown above.

Please read our Welcome and FAQ’s above to find out more and think about how you might be able to help.  It doesn’t take much, maybe just letting me come to speak to your HR staff in your workplace, or following us on Twitter and spreading the word.  By raising awareness, we will hopefully get more help through charitable runs and the like to raise the research funds needed to help find a cure.

If you live around York, please help us to help your friends and neighbours.






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