Care for Someone With Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Severe ME

By Greg Crowhurst in ME Support.


Linda, my wife, collapsed over two decades ago and very quickly became bed bound. In the months leading up to her collapse, she had had several operations and a long chest infection. For almost two years prior to that she was in constant pain, experiencing severe pins and needles and mobility problems.

It has taken us years to try and piece together Linda’s medical history to try and make sense of what has gone wrong. Unfortunately, from the beginning, Linda was exposed to disbelief, negation and psychiatric interpretation by doctors who did not recognise her symptoms and wanted to treat her for depression; who simply did not believe she could not stand up, could not walk or dress herself.

It took four years to get an accurate diagnosis by the late Dr Betty Dowsett, who was running a free clinic at the time.

Linda, suffering extreme pain in every part of her body, quickly developed transient paralysis and a host of other severe symptoms including acute noise and light sensitivity, chemical sensitivity, numbness, extreme pins and needles that would not go away, swallowing difficulties, muscle dysfunction, extreme head pain, muscle spasms, temperature deregulation, nausea, gastric issues and food intolerances; there has been no relief for almost two decades.


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