Carol Monaghan Continues Fight For Parliamentary Debate On ME

Carol Monaghan SNP
This is the text of an email I’ve sent to York MPs to gain support for a Parliamentary Debate on ME. We are entering an extremely crucial period where NICE are reviewing their guidelines to potentially remove the harmful Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) as a recommended treatment for this illness. They are however loading their review panel with those who support a previously debunked PACE Trial which gave false readings to show that GET was a successful treatment.
The truth is that one of the symptoms of this illness is a proven broken energy production system through damaged mitochondria, and therefore GET has made many bedbound and put them back many years in their fight for some sort of recovery.
I would ask those of you who have any interest in this illness, or those with it; around 250,000 in the UK at the moment, to consider sending a similar email to your MP, no matter where you are in the UK, as it will help so many, including young children whose futures are being wiped out through a lack of awareness of ME.
Thank you for reading this far.
Good Afternoon
You will be aware of my previous correspondence raising the subject of ME, due to around 800 York constituents suffering from this dreadful illness and needing your support to raise awareness.
You may also be aware of the efforts being made by Carol Monaghan MP to get a Parliamentary Debate of the subject at this crucial time.
Could I ask for just five minutes of your time to look at the MPs from various parties call for the debate on ME before the Backbench Business Committee on 30 October via the link below, and also for you to please make every effort to support your constituents in this matter ?
Thank you for your continued support.
Bill Clayton
Raising ME Awareness in York

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