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Government Fails To Deliver £4 bn Savings After Cutting Disability Benefit, New Analysis Shows

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  By Shehab Khan in The Independent.     The Government has failed to deliver the £4bn of savings it was expecting to make after cutting disability benefit, according to new analysis. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) said the Government was hoping to cut spending by 20 per cent by moving from the Disability […]

PIP Assessment Lies And Distortions Exposed By Double Apology To Claimant

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    By John Pring in Disability News Service.   A disabled teacher has told how a government contractor apologised to him for a dishonest benefit assessment, and then had to apologise again after it ordered a replacement assessment which was even worse. He says his experience is a damning indictment of the assessment process […]

Disability And Your Vote

Disability Dice

  By John Pring in Disability News Service.    Penny Mordaunt, the minister for disabled people, told last week’s disability hustings event in London that no group experienced as much discrimination – including at the hands of the state – as disabled people. So what has her government done to address that discrimination since the […]

Disabled Voters Grill Candidates: ‘Is A Nappy A Suitable Substitute For A Night-Time Carer ?

Disability Dice

    By Katie Grant in iNews.     The Minister for Disabilities was asked in front of an audience to comment in one word – yes or no – on whether she thought it was acceptable that a wheelchair user had had their overnight care axed and that a nappy had been deemed a […]

The Violence Of Austerity


  From Disability News Service.     Disabled people are being subjected to dangerous violations of health and safety laws after being forced to take part in government workfare programmes, according to new research published this week. The analysis of first-hand accounts of benefit claimants forced into unpaid work by the Department for Work and […]

‘Outrageous Interference’ With Rule Of Law As DWP Sets 80% Benefit Appeal Rejection Target

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  By Natalie Bloomer in politics.co.uk.   The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has set staff a target of upholding 80% of the benefit decisions that they are asked to reassess, it has been revealed. In response to a Freedom of Information request, the department stated that a key measure used to monitor the […]

Election Forces MPs To Abandon PIP Inquiry, But Evidence Backs Up Dishonesty Claims


  By John Pring Disability News Service 4th May 2017   Statements submitted to MPs have provided further evidence of widespread dishonesty among healthcare professionals who carry out disability benefit assessments, but their inquiry has had to be abandoned because of the prime minister’s decision to call a general election. Despite its inquiry into the […]

Welfare Reform Is Not Only Cruel But Chaotic. Theresa May Must Address This.


    By Patrick Butler in The Guardian.   The most charitable interpretation of Theresa May’s evasive responses to questioning on the impact of the government’s social security policy during TV appearances at the weekend is that on this topic she is clueless. She appears to have no idea what is happening in the chaotic […]

Experts Slam ‘Broken And Poor’ Benefits Assessments

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    From The Morning Star. Benefits assessments were ridiculed yesterday following revelations that 13,000 disabled claimants given “zero points” were later awarded payments on appeal. New government figures show that 66,180 claimants had an original decision by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) overturned in their favour at a mandatory reconsideration or tribunal […]

Scotland Bans Private Firms From Doing Benefit Assessments


  By Chris Green in iNews.   Private firms will be banned from carrying out benefit assessments for Scotland’s new social security agency under plans to create a more compassionate system, ministers have announced. The new agency will be responsible for administering social security payments worth around £2.8bn a year after the relevant powers are […]

DWP’s Unfair Twist For Disabled People

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    From The Guardian.   In light of figures showing 900 disabled people are losing their Motability cars each week (Benefits cuts: are you about to lose a Motability car, scooter or wheelchair? 31 March), I would like to challenge the response of Department of Work and Pensions ministers when they have been pressed […]

Sharp Rise In Rejected Claims For Disability Benefit

Benefit Cuts

  By Rowenta Mason in The Guardian.   About 200,000 people face seeing their claims for a disability benefit to help with daily living and mobility refused this year, new figures obtained by Labour suggest. Senior MPs have called on the government to explain an apparent spike in people being turned down for personal independence […]

Disability Railcard: Are Disabled Persons Railcards Value For Money ?


    From Saga Magazine.   What is a Disabled Persons Railcard? How do they work? Will they save you money? What is the Disabled Persons Railcard? Often referred to colloquially as the Disability Railcard, the Disabled Persons Railcard gives disabled people a third off rail fares throughout the UK, covering the 10,000 track miles […]

Cash-Strapped Hospitals Axe Free Parking For Disabled Drivers In Bid To Balance Books

Disability Parking

    By Stephen Hayward in The Mirror.   Cash-strapped hospitals are scrapping free parking for disabled drivers in their battle to make ends meet. It comes in spite of Tory government promises that disabled patients and visitors should get free or concessionary parking. NHS bosses say they have been forced into introducing the charges […]

PIP Investigation: Claimant Seeks Judicial Review Over Assessment Flaws

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    From John Pring in Disability News Service.   A disabled woman is seeking a judicial review by the high court of the errors she says were made in dealing with her claim for personal independence payment (PIP), and which she believes put her life at risk. Angela Kennedy, from Essex, says the errors […]

Billions Of Pounds Of PIP Cuts ‘Will Put Lives At Risk’


  By John Pring in Disability News Service.   The announcement of billions of pounds of cuts to the government’s new disability benefit is a discriminatory attack on people with mental health problems, will push many of them further into poverty and isolation, and will put lives at risk, say disabled activists. Protests about the […]

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