Living With ME – Emelyne’s Transcript

Living with ME

  From the #SpeakforME Blog.   My name is Emelyne and I #SpeakforME because so many people suffer in the dark behind closed doors. ME has no bias, it affects men, women, children, adults, young and old. It can change during your life, it can get really tough. It can get better and there can […]

When Self-Doubt Makes You Question Your Own Illness

Laura Chamberlain

      By Laura Chamberlain from her Blog, Laura’s Pen.   How self-doubt nearly stopped me finding an important diagnosis… I have found myself having a very similar conversation with multiple people recently, about self-doubt about your own illness when you’re chronically ill. I’d never previously spoken about it, because, I guess, I don’t […]

What’s The Harm ? How I Turned To Wellness Out Of Desperation To Cure My Chronic Illness

Natasha Lipman

    By Natasha Lipman.   This week, I headed up to Leeds to speak at the British Dietetic Association’s Eat Fact Not Fiction event, where I had the pleasure of telling my story of falling for wellness, and why it’s so important that we don’t just dismiss people as stupid for falling for these trends. I’ve […]

10 Mic-Drop Replies For Every Time Someone Doubts Your Illness

Mike Drop

  by Elaine Atwell in Healthline.   If you’ve ever had to explain your medical condition to a stranger, you’ve probably experienced the wide-eyed pity, the awkward silence, and the “Oh yeah, my cousin has that” comment. But the most frustrating experience of all may be when you patiently explain your condition to someone, and […]

8 Things That Spoonies Are Totally Over

Spoonie Warrior

    From The Spoonie Warrior Blog.   While my condition has only been disabling for the past year and a half, I’ve technically had chronic illnesses my entire life. Even before being diagnosed, my illnesses affected my life greatly. Most people will want to hear that, despite my struggles, I make sure that I […]

ME/CFS And Sexism

images (4)

    From Jameson Writes.   For those who have watched Jen Brea’s Ted Talk, or read other accounts of life with MECFS, like Julie Rehmeyer’s new book, Through the Shadowlands and my essay in Quartz a few months ago, then you know that medical neglect is a big part of the disease’s narrative. Also within […]

Post Thirteen. My Mum’s Birthday/Fundraising Party For Invest In ME.


    By Phoebe from her blog, puffins&penguins&me.   My mum shares her birthday with ME Awareness Day and last night she held a birthday/fundraising party for Invest In ME. Instead of presents and/or cards she asked for only donations. She still has a few promises of donations to come, but it’s looking like she will […]

Can Brain Fog Hurt ? – Chronic Illness

Brain Fog

    From The Katie Cupcake – Life With ME Blog.   WHAT CAUSES BRAIN FOG?   The ME Clinic explained that it was because my body was putting all its energy into my basic everyday ‘survival’.  Getting up early, getting ready and doing a full day’s work was taking all my energy, leaving nothing […]

#May12BlogBomb For 2017


      By Sally Burch.   May is awareness month for ME, CFS, Fibro and Lyme.  Over the past few years, I have encouraged bloggers to share their awareness raising blogposts using the hashtag #May12BlogBomb. Hashtags like this work on both Facebook and Twitter, because they become hyperlinks to a list of all other […]

Moving Toward Answers In ME/CFS


  By Dr. Walter Koroshetz and Dr. Francis Collins in NIH Director’s Blog. (A view from the US).   Imagine going to work or school every day, working out at the gym, spending time with family and friends—basically, living your life in a full and vigorous way. Then one day, you wake up, feeling sick. […]

Disabled Access Day: Access At Work For The Chronically Ill

Natasha Lipman

    By Natasha Lipman, Chronic Illness Blogger.   It’s Disabled Access Day weekend, woohoo! On that theme (although a slight tangent, as I am wont to do), I’d like to take a bit of time to share something that’s been on my mind over the last few weeks: how we think about and understand accessibility, specifically in terms of work. […]

Chronic illness And The Loss Of Self

Laura Chamberlain

  From ‘Lauren’s Pen’ Blog by Laura Chamberlain.   I recently watched a BBC drama/film ‘The C word’, about a woman called Lisa Lynch who had breast cancer and blogged her way through it with charm, heart-breaking honesty and wit. I instantly regretted watching it on my own, I cried my eyes out for roughly one hour […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Diagnostic Tests, Treatment And Prevention Urgently Needed

Blood Test

    By Clarissa K. Wittenberg in The Huffington Post.   This blog was inspired by the good news that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has doubled its research budget for myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). However, it was shocking to see that the increase was from $7.6 million last year to $15 million […]

Why It’s Important To Exercise Your Horse !

hannah and alfie sitting

  By Hannah Russell in The Yorkshire Times.   This time of year it’s always a struggle to get the ponies into the fields. The weather is rainy, the paddocks are muddy and it’s just not safe to put them into the paddocks sometimes. I’ve read of many horror stories online where horses have got injured […]

Mike’s EU Marathon Challenge

Mike's Marathons

    I’m back running again and 5 weeks into Barcelona training having had some very quiet running weeks of no more than 10 miles per week for a couple of months.  Last October’s two marathons in 4 weeks took a lot out of me mentally and physically so it was good to power down […]

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