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Travel Insurance Companies Are Legally Allowed To Discriminate Against Disabled People – Isn’t it About Time Someone Challenged Them ?


  By James Moore in The Independent.   Discrimination against disabled people is, in theory, banned in law, even if it’s depressingly common in practice. Unless, that is, you happen to be selling, say, travel insurance. Then the law says, go right ahead. Feel free to put the boot in. If that means people can’t travel, well that’s just […]

Fab News For Foodies: Nigella Lawson Is Coming To York


    From YorkMix.   Writer, foodie and TV presenter Nigella Lawson is heading to York this autumn. The star has written a new cookery book and will be signing copies at Waterstones on Coney Street. At My Table is subtitled ‘A celebration of home cooking’, and Nigella calls it “a book of recipes that tell […]

Independent Music Labels Are Creating Their Own Streaming Services To Give Artists A Fair Deal


    By Steffan Thomas in The Conversation   Music streaming services are hard to beat. With millions of users – Spotify alone had 60m by July 2017, and is forecast to add another 10m by the end of the year – paying to access a catalogue of more than 30m songs, any initial concerns seem to have fallen […]

Airports Are Failing Disabled Passengers, And We Are Tired Of It

Air Travel

    By Elizabeth Wright in The Guardian.   Returning from Rome after a holiday, my plane taxied to its stand and I waited for all the more ambulatory passengers to disembark. I had wheelchair assistance booked – a much-needed service for someone who, like me, struggles to walk long distances – and the drill […]

Genetic Home Testing: Why It’s Not Such A Great Guide To Your Ancestry Or Disease Risk


    By Johnathan Pettitt in The Conversation.   Genetic variation is an unavoidable feature of life. As a consequence of this – and unless you are an identical twin – you are genetically unique. You have a distinctive combination of genetic variants, almost all of which are shared with your parents, although shuffled into […]

How A New Map Is Guiding Tourists To Some Of York’s Best Businesses


  From YorkMix.   Want to know where you can find some of the best indepenedent shops and businesses in York? There’s a map for that! Indie York’s new map details more than 100 of the city’s independents, from bars to bookshops, designers to delicatessens. It is now stocked across York, helping both visitors to […]

Forbidden Corner’s Yorkshire Dales Castle Folly Must Be Demolished


  From BBC News.   A castle folly built by a tourist attraction in the Yorkshire Dales must be demolished. The 32 foot (10m) decorative structure at the Forbidden Corner, near Leyburn, was built without planning consent. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority said the folly was unsuited to the location. The Forbidden Corner has […]

Disabled Passengers ‘Forced To Wait Hours To Disembark At Heathrow’

Air Travel

    From The Guardian.   Disabled passengers arriving at Heathrow airport are being forced to wait up to two hours for help in disembarking aircraft, the aviation regulator has said. The west London hub is one of four airports where the Civil Aviation Authority judged the service for wheelchair users and other disabled passengers to be […]

Bootham Crescent Stands In For Nazi Olympic Stadium In New Film – And The Internet Has A Field Day


  From YorkMix. Both were built in the 1930s but there, you might think, the similarities end. Yet Bootham Crescent is now standing in for the Olympiastadion in Berlin, the huge stadium built by the Nazis to stage the 1936 Olympics. This week York City’s ground is providing the backdrop for a “period sporting drama” […]

Britain’s £246 m Battery Challenge Won’t Solve Energy Storage Problem


By Kathryn Toghill and Dénes Csala in The Conversation. Renewable energy’s share of British electricity generation from wind and solar technologies reached record levels of 26% in the past year. This is excellent news for our national carbon emissions, but the grid is under increasing pressure to manage this intermittent power supply. The on-and-off nature of renewable energy means that to […]

Jobcentre Staff Criticised For ‘Alarming Lack Of Confidence’ With Disabled People

Job Centre Plus

    By John Vale in Care Appointments.   Staff at Jobcentres have an “alarming” lack of confidence dealing with disabled people just weeks ahead of new welfare reforms coming into force, campaigners have warned. Phil Reynolds, co-chairman of the Disability Benefits Consortium, said it was important disabled people were not “shoehorned” back into work […]

Women Pioneered Computer Programming. Then Men Took Their Industry Over.


    By Josh O’Connor in Timeline.   Like many women in the 1930s, Jean Jennings Bartik had studied mathematics. During and after World War II, Bartik and other women actually worked as “computers.” They calculated by hand the trajectories of military rockets and artillery shells depending on how much soldiers elevated the weapon. Each […]

Shakespeare’s Theatre To Be Built On York Car Park

globe theatre

    From YorkMix.   It was back in May when we first revealed it might be coming. And now it has been confirmed that a pop-up Shakespearean theatre is heading to York. In the first project of its kind in a European city, a recreation of the 16th century Rose Theatre, which was a forerunner to […]

Meet The Woman Trying To Get Disabled Mannequins Into The Windows Of Britain’s Biggest Shops


  By Sara Spary in BuzzFeed News.   It’s 2017 and disabled shoppers are still being “ostracised” from the high street thanks to a lack of access. Meet the woman who thinks it’s time to change that for good. Sophie Morgan, a 32-year-old TV presenter, was shopping in London’s busy Covent Garden recently when she […]

The Most Affordable Cities In The UK For First-Time Buyers


  By Sophie Christie in The Telegraph. Virtually all first-time buyers in Brighton are being priced out of their own city, with new data revealing that only 2pc of properties in the seaside resort are affordable for new buyers. While most would assume that London is the least affordable place for first-time buyers, it’s Brighton that takes the […]

Nestle To Open Japan Factory For Exotic Kit Kat Demand


  From BBC News.   Nestle is to open its first factory in Japan in more than 25 years because of demand for exotic flavours of Kit Kat. While traditionally the wafer snack has been made using milk chocolate, dozens of different flavours are proving popular in Asia. Flavours like wasabi and green tea have […]

The York ME TGA Inter-Company Fantasy Football League

  Businesses are signing up for our Fantasy Football League, ready for the new season.  Last year was a great success and we’re looking to make it even better with your help.  As a change to last year, your business doesn’t even have to be based in York to take part ! With a Plaque […]

The Scientific Reason You Don’t Like LED Bulbs — And The Simple Way To Fix Them

LED bulb and simple light bulbs.Green background

  By Arnold J Wilkins in The Conversation.   There’s a handy trick for reading station signs that otherwise fly past in a blur as you travel in a high-speed train. Look at one side of the window and then immediately at the other side of the window. When you change your gaze, your eyes […]

New Shop To Open At The Red Devil’s Home On Stonegate

Printer's Devil, Stonegate

  From YorkMix.   The famous Stonegate Devil is about to see new residents move into his shop. The much-photographed imp perches on the corner of 33 Stonegate, which will soon be home to a fashion and homeware shop. This historic building has been empty since the closure of Old Guys Rule in June 2016. Now it […]

New Diesel And Petrol Vehicles To Be Banned From 2040 In UK


    From BBC News.   New diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned in the UK from 2040 in a bid to tackle air pollution, the government is set to announce. Ministers will also unveil a £255m fund to help councils tackle emissions from diesel vehicles, as part of a £3bn package […]

Why You Should Always ‘Like’ Your Own Facebook Posts


    From the Rick’s Daily Tips blog.   If you’ve been using Facebook for a while you’ve probably noticed that many people “Like” their own posts just as soon as they post them. While this could be viewed as a form of vanity (I mean really, is it cool to “Like” your own posts?), […]

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