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Prevalence Of And Risk Factors For Severe Cognitive And Sleep Symptoms In ME/CFS And MS

Biomed Central

  From Biomed Central.  Authors as listed.   Abstract   Background There are considerable phenotypic and neuroimmune overlaps between myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and multiple sclerosis (MS). While the precise aetiologies of both MS and ME/CFS are unclear, evidence suggests that deterioration in cognitive function is widely prevalent in patients with either condition. Little […]

Living With ME – Emelyne’s Transcript

Living with ME

  From the #SpeakforME Blog.   My name is Emelyne and I #SpeakforME because so many people suffer in the dark behind closed doors. ME has no bias, it affects men, women, children, adults, young and old. It can change during your life, it can get really tough. It can get better and there can […]

8 Things That Spoonies Are Totally Over

Spoonie Warrior

    From The Spoonie Warrior Blog.   While my condition has only been disabling for the past year and a half, I’ve technically had chronic illnesses my entire life. Even before being diagnosed, my illnesses affected my life greatly. Most people will want to hear that, despite my struggles, I make sure that I […]

Viruses And CFS: Statements By Ron Davis And Bob Naviaux

Medicine Foundation

    From Open Medicine Foundation.   Ron Davis: There is a great deal of evidence that a variety of viruses can initiate ME/CFS, but it is less clear that a virus is involved in sustaining the disease. However, some patients may have a continuous problem with viruses, especially those viruses we always carry like […]

New Members Of The European ME Alliance


  From the European ME Alliance Website.   Recently the European ME Alliance met in London for its 2017 Annual General Meeting. The events took place following the Invest in ME Research Conference week consisting of research Colloquium and Conference events. Amongst the other business at the meeting was the acceptance of applications from two […]

ME/CFS: A New Explanation – And Cure ?

Dr Eriksen

      From   In a recent paper, Dr. Willy Eriksen proposes a complete explanation for the development, diversity, and persistence of myalgic encephalomyelitis, aka chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). He also suggests a possible cure. Seeing that this potentially groundbreaking research was attracting little attention, I contacted Dr. Eriksen and interviewed him via […]

ME And Me: Making Films About Disability To Raise Awareness


      From Disability Horizons.   Disabled writer and actor Thom Jackson-Wood, who has ME, talks to Disability Horizons about his films, Awaken and The Black Box, both of which are about disability. Written after frustrations at disabled people being misrepresented on TV, he hopes the films will raise awareness of different disabilities, and […]

The Scientist, The Seahorse And The Nanoneedle – Catching Up With Ron Davis On ME/CFS

Ron Davis

      By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.   The “most famous scientist in the world” visited Ron Davis and his End ME/CFS group a couple of weeks ago and gave the project a thumbs up. James Watson and Francis Crick produced arguably the single most important breakthrough in science in the past 100 […]

The Mystery Illness That Plagued This Writer For Years


      By Julie Rehmeyer in   On Saturday, November 4, 2006, I woke up semiparalyzed. My legs felt lead-plated; the signals instructing them to move seemed to get scrambled on the way down. It was as if someone had sloppily replaced my limbs with those of an elephant and connected only 10 percent […]

ME Awareness Flag On The Way To Everest Base Camp – Update

Potala Palace

    ME Awareness Flag Update from the group heading to Everest Base Camp for The York ME Community / Invest in ME !   “Here it is on display inside the Potala Palace in Lhasa, built in 7th century and home of Dali Lamas and the centre of local Tibetan Government.  Has over a […]

What It Was Like Going To An ME/CFS ‘Millions Missing’ Protest

ME Protest

    By Niamh Kane in The Mighty.   I was part of something really special today as hundreds of myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) patients and supporters came together for the 25th anniversary of International ME Awareness Day and organized the Millions Missing Dublin protest outside our government building — Dáil Eireann. While many patients were not well enough to […]

ME Awareness Flag Reaches Tibet On Its Way To Everest !


    Just to let you know that The York ME Community / Invest in ME Flag has reached Lhasa in Tibet, on its way to be raised at Everest Base Camp for ME Awareness !  Future communications might be difficult with the Internet and emails in Tibet being controlled by the Chinese, but hopefully […]

The Secret Files Unwrapped – Control, Not Collaboration (With File Download)


      By VALERIE ELIOT SMITH… VALERIE ELIOT SMITH For several years, there had been considerable speculation and rumour surrounding some “secret” files on ME (the illness I have lived with since 1981 which is also known, unhelpfully, as chronic fatigue syndrome or “CFS”) which are held in The National Archives (TNA) at […]

M.E. Debate Scheduled To Take Place In The Scottish Parliament Next Tuesday (May 9) | 5 May 2017


  From The ME Association website.   Motion S5M-05038: Gail Ross, Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 03/04/2017 12 May, International ME Day That the Parliament acknowledges that 12 May 2017 marks the international awareness day for myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), which is commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome; understands that ME is […]

#May12BlogBomb For 2017


      By Sally Burch.   May is awareness month for ME, CFS, Fibro and Lyme.  Over the past few years, I have encouraged bloggers to share their awareness raising blogposts using the hashtag #May12BlogBomb. Hashtags like this work on both Facebook and Twitter, because they become hyperlinks to a list of all other […]

#MEAction And #MillionsMissing Links

Millions Missing

  By Helle Rasmussen. MILLIONSMISSINGDENMARK· SUNDAY, 23 APRIL 2017 Links to international #MEAction and #MillionsMissing homepages, facebook pages and facebook events. * means, there will be a MillionsMissing action at (around) May 12th, 2017, (*V) means a virtual event. Please help update this list, and please make as many facebook events for May 12th (or other […]

Global Call-To-Action: Help Secure The World Health Oorganisation’s Classification Of ME & CFS

World Health Organisation

  By Simone E in @MEAction.   Important call to action! We need all hands on deck for a simple, but important task. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is reviewing its International Classification of Disease (ICD) for its upcoming 11th edition (ICD-11). There has been enormous concern about what was going to happen to how […]

28 Unexpected Consequences Of Posting About Your Illness On Facebook


    By Erin Migdol in The Mighty.   When a person posts about their illness on Facebook, oftentimes the hardest parts comes after you click “post” — waiting to see how your friends will react. They might not respond at all, or they might offer “cures” or judgment. Or, they just might give you some words […]

Debate In Parliament The Absence Of An Effective Policy For The Treatment Of M.E


    Could I ask all visitors to the site to consider signing this very important Petition please ?  It would mean so much to the 250,000 people in the UK dealing with ME, and the 800 in the York area alone.  Thanks.   Link to ME Petition to Parliament

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