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My Promised Saline IV Update. How Did It Go ?


  By Anil van der Zee, from his Blog, Capture, Dance, Words.   This year I’ve arranged for saline IV’s. As I have a hard time tolerating any medication, and I’m not improving enough because of it. Saline IV’s seemed to be the best solution to help with my orthostatic intolerance or rather my postural […]

Is Prescribing Drugs ‘Off Label’ Bad Medicine ?


  By Ravina Barrett in The Conversation.   A woman, let’s call her Sarah, is a young actor looking to make her debut at a major theatre. She is fit and healthy, but gets nervous on opening nights and can’t sleep. She’s tried zopiclone, but it didn’t work, so her GP prescribes a course of quetiapine. […]

Bus Travel And Wheelchair Users


    By Jonathan Webb in Disabled Travel Advice.   Bus travel can often cause problems for wheelchair users, but this is changing as more and more wheelchair accessible buses are introduced.Buses which carry more than 22 passengers are subject to the Public Service Accessibility Regulation 2000, which at a practical level means that all […]

Cold Weather Alerts And Health Warnings Issued – Latest Update


  From The Yorkshire Times.   Weather forecasters are warning that all parts of England could experience cold, snow and ice over the next week, prompting PHE to again warn people to plan ahead. The change of weather will bring cold air to all parts of England from Thursday and is likely to affect all […]

How To Talk To Your Doctor About Information You Find Online

Health Online

  By Elizabeth Sillence and Lauren Georgia Bussey in The Conversation.   More and more people are going online to search for information about their health. Though it can be a minefield, where unverified sources abound, searching the internet can help people to understand different health problems, and give them access to emotional and social support. For many in the UK, […]

How To Treat A Person With Chronic Illness – A Step-By-Step Guide

Frustration Chronic Illness

  By Jaime from her ‘I Told You I Was Sick’ Blog.   If you have a friend with chronic illness but don’t know how to talk to them, it’s OK. You’re not alone. When you’re healthy, trying to get inside the mind of a person who is always in pain can be confusing. In […]

Fiona Phillips: A Taste Of Loneliness


    By Fiona Phillips in SAGA Magazine.   In aid of national charity The Silver Line, Fiona Phillips experiences what it’s really like to live completely alone. Britain is in the grip of an epidemic of loneliness, reports The Silver Line charity. But how many people living busy lives – especially at Christmas – […]

Why Wait For An Appointment When You Can See A GP Via Phone ?


  By Mobasher Butt in The Guardian.   Last month, I, alongside several colleagues, launched a new digital service that makes NHS GPs available to people – initially in London – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via their mobile phones. GP at Hand harnesses technology to cut down the wait for a routine GP appointment from […]

ME Questions Put To Department Of Health

Soap Box

    Hi.  You might recall that I posted a few weeks ago to say that my MP was writing to the Department of Health on a couple of points on my behalf.   Julian Sturdy is my local MP and I’ve got him on board to help me on the ME Awareness front.   I received […]

York Carers Centre

York Carers Centre

  Christmas opening hours We will close at 5pm on Thursday 21 December 2017 and will reopen at 9am on Tuesday 2 January 2018. We will not be checking our answer machine or emails during this period. If you need urgent help when we are closed: Adults should contact City of York Council’s Customer Access […]

Disability Employment: The Challenge Of Getting To Work In A Wheelchair


  By Alex Taylor in BBC News.   The government had vowed to help one million disabled people into work over the next decade. But for many people, the challenges of work begin before they even get to the office. The commute to work can be a battle for millions. However, for people with disabilities, transport […]

Why ‘Healthy Coping’ Is Better for Our Health Than Positive Thinking


    By Mary Mattio in The Mighty.   “Keep thinking positively!” “Keep your chin up!” “Stay strong!” These are some of the most common cliché responses we hear from people in society on a regular basis. They aren’t incorrect responses, and are often made with the best of intentions. However, when the people telling […]

The Female War Medic Who Refused To ‘Go Home And Sit Still’

Elsie Inglis

  By Steven Brocklehurst BBC Scotland News.   When Elsie Inglis asked the War Office if female doctors and surgeons could serve in front-line hospitals in World War One she was told ‘my good lady, go home and sit still’. Elsie, a pioneering Edinburgh doctor who had already become well-known as a champion of women’s health, […]

Celebrating York Disability Pride 2017 – 1st, To 3rd December 2017

York Disability Pride

    From York Independent Living Network.   Disability Pride; A weekend of power and performance. Join us over the weekend of 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2017 to celebrate disability pride in York, with comedy, theatre, dance, music, spoken word and art. Download the poster and pdf flyer here. Friday 1st December, 630-9 pm – Disability Pride Cabaret, York […]

Placebo Myths Debunked


By Steven Novella in Science Based Medicine.   Placebo effects are largely misunderstood, even by professionals, and this leads to a lot of sloppy thinking about potential treatments. This problem has been exacerbated by the alternative medicine phenomenon. Several decades ago, the proponents of so-called CAM promised that if only their preferred if unconventional treatments were properly […]

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