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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Might Have A Crucial Hormonal Link


  By Peter Dockrill in Science Alert.   For years, a line has divided millions of patients from their doctors, separating those who experience the debilitating effects of chronic fatigue syndrome from a medical establishment that has traditionally refused to acknowledge or agree upon the condition. Now, finally, that barrier is beginning to crumble. In recent times, […]

Did A Multiple Sclerosis Study Give Us Clues About ME/CFS And Fibromyalgia ?


    By Cort Johnson in Simmaron Research.   Why should a blog focused on chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM) be interested in multiple sclerosis? Because some distinct similarities exist between the three diseases, and when diseases like ME/CFS and FM aren’t getting much research, sometimes it pays to pay attention to diseases […]

One Side Effect Of Being Young, Female And Sick: People Won’t Believe You


  By Emma Court in Market Watch.   After Michele Lent Hirsch had major hip surgery in her early 20s, even as she hobbled around on crutches, people didn’t always believe that she’d had surgery. “Oh, my grandmother had that,” she’d hear. Or, “Weird, hip surgery.” An older woman yelled at her for taking a […]

How To Future-Proof The NHS – Copy The Bank Of England


    By Anne Marie Rafferty and Jonathan Grant in The Conversation.   Faced with an ageing population and funding pressures, fresh thinking is needed to brace the NHS for what lies ahead. Perhaps the answer to some of the impending problems in health policy can be solved with a relatively old idea adapted from the world of monetary […]

Scientific Study Reveals Severe Level Of Disability Caused By ME

Scientist using a microscope

  From Ekklesia.   A misunderstood disease wrongly labelled make-believe by some GPs is more devastating to sufferers than multiple sclerosis, a new scientific study has found. More than 250,000 people in the UK have ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), which manifests as unrelenting fatigue and profound pain. The condition, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has no […]

10 Guaranteed Ways To Cure Your Chronic Illness Instantly !

Miracle Cure

  By Bethany Freeman in The Mighty.   You might think chronic illness has no easy fix, that it’s a complex problem that often has no cure because it’s widely misunderstood and medically complex. You might think people who are chronically ill deserve nothing but love and understanding on their journey. Well, you’d be wrong. They just need to […]

Survey Of Young Europeans With Neurological Conditions


By the European Federation of Neurological Associations.   The Survey of Young Europeans with Neurological Conditions is a pan-European survey for people aged 18-35 affected by a neurological condition and living in Europe. The survey is being conducted by the European Federation of Neurological Associations [EFNA]. The objective of this survey is to gain an understanding of the biggest […]

How Doctors Gaslight Women into Doubting Their Own Pain


  By Suzannah Weiss in Broadly Vice.   f all the ways women are disadvantaged in society, one of the most overlooked yet most fundamental is the way in which women’s physical health is misunderstood and neglected. Medical research tends to use male subjects and overlook conditions experienced primarily by women. A 2007 study in the Journal of Women’s Health found […]

Wheelchair Users In UK To Be Given Enhanced Rights For Bus Travel


  By Owen Bowcott in The Guardian.   Wheelchair users are to be given enhanced rights for bus travel, the government has announced, after a landmark supreme court judgment. The transport minister, Nusrat Ghani, has promised to improve access to spaces on vehicles that are intended to be reserved for disabled passengers. The decision follows the legal victory last […]

Authors Of Premier Medical Textbook Didn’t Disclose $11 Million In Industry Payments


  By Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky in STAT News.   It’s a textbook that has graced the shelves of untold thousands of medical students going back decades. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, now in its 20th edition, is a must-read for medical students and young internists. It has been called “the most recognized book in all of medicine.” It’s also […]

Accessibility Around The World – How Do Popular Cities Measure Up ?


  From Able Magazine.   Travelling and exploring different places around the world is a source of joy and excitement for many people. Travel presents opportunities to broaden your horizons, meet new and interesting people, and create memories that will last a lifetime. However, for people with disabilities, travel can be more of a challenge. […]

New Method Improves Delivery Of Healthy Mitochondria To Cells Where It Is Dysfunctional, Study Shows


  BY Patricia Inacio, PHD in Mitochondrial Disease News.   South Korean researchers have developed a simple way to deliver healthy mitochondria to cells where it is dysfunctional, rescuing the cells’ energy levels and metabolic function. The study, “Delivery of exogenous mitochondria via centrifugation enhances cellular metabolic function,” was published in the journal Scientific Reports. Defects in mitochondria, […]

Good News: First Licence Granted to Treat Pain With Medicinal Cannabis


  From Your Daily Ideas.   License to treat pain with medicinal cannabis given the go ahead A license to treat chronic pain with medicinal cannabis has been granted here for the first time, it has emerged. A 3-month agreement was given the green light by the Department of Health to use Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) people […]

York Carers Centre – March Update

York Carers Centre

  York Carers Centre news Vacancy – Office Manager We are seeking to recruit a highly organised and experienced Office Manager to join our friendly dedicated team to oversee the day to day running of our busy city centre office alongside taking an active role in the development of systems and procedures. The post-holder will […]

What It Means To Experience ‘Payback’ With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


  By Zoe Baker in The Mighty.   Post-exertional malaise, or “payback,” is one of the key diagnostic criteria for myalic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). It is also one of the symptoms that is hardest for people who haven’t experienced the condition to understand. I often think of it as being similar to a hangover, […]

The Pressure To ‘Perform’ My Disability For Able-Bodied People

Invisible Illness

  By Jennifer Lerner in The Mighty.   Within a month or so of my concussion, I had taken an official leave of absence from work. Several times a week, I would go to my local gym to work out, as moderate exercise was supposedly good for concussion recovery. Nothing too crazy, just 10 to […]

Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency That Most People Ignore

Vitamin D

  From Healthy Way.   What does vitamin D deficiency look like? In its most extreme form, prolonged and severe vitamin D deficiency during childhood, known as rickets, can delay growth and lead to visible skeletal deformities. Today, rickets is relatively rare, but that doesn’t mean that vitamin D deficiency is—more than 40 percent of […]

DNA Gets Away: Scientists Catch The Rogue Molecule That Can Trigger Autoimmunity


  From Monash University.   A research team has discovered the process – and filmed the actual moment – that can change the body’s response to a dying cell. Importantly, what they call the ‘Great Escape’ moment may one day prove to be the crucial trigger for autoimmune diseases like arthritis. The research team, led by […]

Magnesium — One Of The Most Important Nutrients For Heart Health


  By Dr. Joseph Mercola |   Magnesium deficiency is extremely common, and recent research shows even subclinical deficiency can jeopardize your heart health. Magnesium is also important for brain health, detoxification, cellular health and function, and the optimization of your mitochondria. In short, magnesium has enormous potential to influence your health and general well-being, […]

Winter Olympics: Why Many Athletes Will Be Struggling With Asthma


  By Neil Williams and John Dickinson in The Conversation.   As the world’s best winter athletes compete in PyeongChang for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, the heavy demands of both training and competition will leave many of them with breathing problems. Exercise-induced asthma is the most common medical problem among winter Olympic athletes, especially […]

ME/CFS: Thiamine Is Key; Coffee & Tea Inhibit It


  By Tracy Duvall.   As I’ve noted elsewhere, thiamine forms part of a suite of supplements that might counteract energy problems in ME/CFS. In any case, thiamine (or thiamin) is vital to energy production and other biological processes. A lot of people think that coffee or tea is vital to getting enough energy, too. For years […]

Cooking With A Physical Disability


  By Emily Han in @Kitchen.   For those with a permanent or temporary physical disability involving mobility impairment, cooking can present challenges as well as opportunities for creative problem solving. Not all disabilities or people are the same, but some of the common issues include limitations in standing, reaching, or using one side of […]

‘I Am A Hard Worker’


    By Terrence McCoy in The Washington Post.   Roanoke, Ala. — She wanted her clients to look to her for inspiration, so Teresa Boullemet stamped out her cigarette, popped a peppermint, sprayed herself with perfume and applied fresh lipstick. “Are you going to the farthest corners of the world today?” her assistant asked […]

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