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Changing Hearts And Minds: A Review Of Unrest

Jen Unrest

  By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.   Unrest is about to spring into action. Scheduled to go into widespread theatrical release in dozens of theaters over the next couple of months: on Sept 22nd in the U.S. and Oct. in the U.K., Unrest is about to really make its mark. Jen Brea and her […]

Mike’s EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Vilnius (10.09.17)

Mike Vilnius

  By Mike Harley.   Prior to flying out to Vilnius for number 12 of 28 I was contacted by a Lithuanian sports journalist working for the marathon who was keen to interview me.  I thought our interview would be used on the marathon website but it actually made it into Lithuania’s main newspaper and site, […]

Mike Harley’s 26 EU Marathons For Invest In ME Research – Lithuania Sunday 10 September 2017

Mike Harley Luxembourg 27 May 2017

  Mike Harley is running an amazing 26 Marathons across Europe to raise awareness of ME, and funds for Invest in ME Research. Next one up, his 12th, is on Sunday 10th of September 2017 in Vilnius in Lithuania. A part of what Mike does is to get in touch with locals in the area […]

How Can You Be Sure Where ‘Charity’ Donations Go?


  By Sean Dilley & James Melley in BBC News.   Some 800 cases of charity fraud were reported in the UK last year. But with police warning that they represent just a fraction of the number actually taking place, is enough being done to deal with the scammers? Within hours of the Grenfell Tower […]

Survey Suggests Chronic Fatigue In Canada Is ‘Even Worse Than We Thought’


    From CTV News.   A new survey suggests chronic fatigue syndrome may be far more prevalent in Canada than previously thought, and more widespread than many more well-known conditions. The suggestion is based on a Statistics Canada survey in which respondents were asked whether their doctor had diagnosed them with chronic fatigue or […]

Update On The NIH Research Funding Totals


  From the Solve CFS/ME Initiative.   From a US Perspective.   Earlier this month the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released the updated financial data for categorical research spending. These figures include updated estimates for Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, ending September 30, 2017. The Solve ME/CFS Initiative is disappointed to report that the projected estimates […]

The York ME TGA Inter-Company Fantasy Football League


  Businesses are signing up for our Fantasy Football League, ready for the new season. Last year was a great success and we’re looking to make it even better with your help.  As a change to last year, your business doesn’t have to be based in York to take part ! With a Plaque to […]

The York ME Community – Inter-Company Fantasy Football League For The York ME TGA Shield


  The York ME Community runs an Inter-Company Fantasy Football League sponsored by TGA Mobility.  This is to help raise awareness of the illness that affects around 250,00 people in the UK, and 800 in the York area alone. Companies have enjoyed a great 2016/17 season with Bransby Wilson coming out on top and winning […]

Mike’s EU Marathons – Luxembourg Report


    Ahead of the Luxembourg Night Marathon, my good friend Juli managed to track down one of the estimated 2000 ME sufferers there.  I interviewed Katja who told me about her struggle for diagnosis and what it is like for patients in the Grand Duchy, click here to read.  I had some great coverage ahead of […]

Amazing Mike Harley’s 28 Marathons For ME Awareness !

Mike Harley Luxembourg 27 May 2017

    This is Mike with his ME Awareness Flag on completion of the Luxembourg Marathon on 27 May 2017.  That’s 11 down and 17 to go in his aim of running a marathon in every EU country for ME Awareness.  Read his story by hitting the tab at the top of this site.   […]

The Latest From The Guys Taking The ME Awareness Flag To Everest Base Camp

Flag 15 May 2017

  The latest news and picture from the guys heading to Everest Base Camp to raise Awareness of ME for The York ME Community and everyone dealing with ME .   “Today’s photo to show progress on how we are getting on:   Today we rode from Lhasa to Shigatse via Yamdrok Lake, 414 kms […]

“Change Won’t Happen Through One Country…” | ME Awareness Day Interview With Jennifer Brea | 12 May 2017

Jen Brea TED

    From the ME Association.   January 2013. Jen Brea is lying in a New York hospital, wracked by pain. Her head is pounding, her body barely able to move. A doctor walks in, flicks through her notes, reads a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and tells her to go home and take an […]

ME Awareness Flag On The Way To Everest Base Camp – Update

Potala Palace

    ME Awareness Flag Update from the group heading to Everest Base Camp for The York ME Community / Invest in ME !   “Here it is on display inside the Potala Palace in Lhasa, built in 7th century and home of Dali Lamas and the centre of local Tibetan Government.  Has over a […]

May 12, 2017, Is International ME/CFS And FM Awareness Day

ME Awareness Day

  By Jody Smith in Phoenix Rising.   Can you believe it’s been 25 years since Thomas Hennessy, Jr., chose May 12th to be our international awareness day? He was influenced by the fact that May 12th was also Florence Nightingale’s birthday. This famous English army nurse played a role in the creation of the Red Cross […]

4 Blue Photos For M.E.

Blue for ME

    By Helen R Hyland’s Photographs.   Go BLUE for M.E? M.E. stands for myalgic encephalomyelitis. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is easier to say, but doesn’t really sum up this cruel illness adequately. It’s not just tiredness that won’t go away, but it robs people of thought, restful sleep, comfort, and, often livelihood. A quarter of […]

Cuts Threaten Research For Terrible Disease Once Called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Research Funding

  By Llewellyn King in The Huffington Post.   When you are sick, very sick, you wait for medicine to work its magic. But if the disease is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), you have to wait for the medicine to be invented. The bad news is that so little funding is going into solving the ME problem, […]

NVCBR Researchers Close In On A Diagnostic Test For ME/CFS Patients


      From Nevada Center for Biomedical Research.   Physicians lack effective tools to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of those who are impacted by ME/CFS, a complex and often disabling disease.  That could change now that scientists at Nevada Center for Biomedical Research (NVCBR) have taken the first step in developing a […]

Mike’s ME Marathons – The Story Of An ME Sufferer In Luxembourg

Luxembourg Flag

  LUXEMBOURG   By Mike Harley.   My next marathon (no 11 of 28) is in Luxembourg on May 27th. By similar ratios to the rest of Europe, 2,000 of the 500,000 people living there have ME. I’ve interviewed Katja from Luxembourg who has given her account of what it’s like to live there with […]

#MEAction And #MillionsMissing Links

Millions Missing

  By Helle Rasmussen. MILLIONSMISSINGDENMARK· SUNDAY, 23 APRIL 2017 Links to international #MEAction and #MillionsMissing homepages, facebook pages and facebook events. * means, there will be a MillionsMissing action at (around) May 12th, 2017, (*V) means a virtual event. Please help update this list, and please make as many facebook events for May 12th (or other […]

Funding Biomedical Research Into ME


  From Invest in ME Research.   An update to our gut microbiota and related projects being performed at the UK Centre of Excellence for ME in Norwich Research Park brings the total raised so far for projects there to £186,000. Thanks to our supporters maintaining the momentum in establishing this major UK and European […]

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