The Top 20 British Postcodes Where Stolen Identities Are For Sale On The Web

Online Security

  By Cahil Milmo in iNews.   Personal data belonging to up to a quarter of Britons is available for sale on the hidden internet, according to surveillance of encrypted online stores trading in stolen identities pieced together from hacked accounts and social media. Cyber fraudsters are collecting material across the country but are also […]

We Cannot Continue To Let Doctors ‘Gaslight’ Chronic Illness Patients


    By Siobhan Simper in The Mighty.   Author’s warning: This post contains experiences of gaslighting and abuse. Recently, I saw an all-too-common meme on social media: the inspirational disabled person. The image was of a Paralympic horse rider, with the caption, “no excuses.” Much has been written about the problematic nature of disability “inspiration porn.” What shocked me was […]

Polarized Sunglasses: The Best Choice For Sun Wear ?


  By Troy Bedinghaus in Very Well Are sunglasses all the same as long as they provide shade? Absolutely not. Nothing provides a high level visual experience when outdoors in bright sunlight like a polarized sun lens. Polarized sunglasses are so popular because they provide the wearer increased visibility and performance when simply at the beach, or […]

Copper Is Great At Killing Superbugs – So Why Don’t Hospitals Use It ?


  By Bill Keevil in The Conversation.   Fantasilandia in Chile, one of Latin America’s largest theme parks, has replaced its most frequently touched surfaces with copper to help reduce the spread of germs and protect the health of its visitors. But why? Because copper and its alloys exhibit impressive antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. […]

Alert As Whitby Beach Littered With Plastic ‘Nurdles’


    By Madeleine Berg in The Yorkshire Post. A search of hundreds of beaches and rivers across the UK including several in Yorkshire has found almost three-quarters of them are littered with tiny plastic pellets. The lentil-sized pellets known as “nurdles” are used as a raw material by industry to make new plastic products. But […]

UK Driver-less Cars Will Require Dual Insurance Policy

Driverless Cars

    By Rhiannon Williams in iNews. British driver-less car owners will be forced to take out two insurance policies as a precaution, the government will announce. The Department for Transport is due to announce dual insurance plans for autonomous or driver-less cars, covering situations when the driver and car is in control respectively. In the event of a […]

Why Using A Mobile Phone While Driving Is So Dangerous … Even When You’re Hands-Free

Mobile Phones

      By David Crundall in The Conversation.   A recent police clampdown on driving while using hand-held mobile phones caught nearly 8,000 UK drivers in a week, ostensibly reflecting a widespread disregard of a law intended to protect all. But is using a hand-held mobile phone really that dangerous when driving? Yes. In […]

Do You Know What To Do In An Emergency ?

skelton training logo [16519]

    From Local Link.   Colin Skelton from Elvington in York has set up his own First Aid Training Company after realising not many people know what to do in an Emergency. Apparently only 1 in 5 people know First Aid! There are a variety of courses available using Sutton on Derwent Village Hall as […]

Tesco Introduces ‘Relaxed’ Checkout To Help People With Dementia


  By Katie Grant in iNews.   Tesco has introduced a “relaxed” checkout scheme at one of its Scottish stores to give customers who need extra time at the till a chance to shop at their own pace. The supermarket launched the initiative at its branch in the town of Forres, Moray, this month. The […]

York Chosen To Pioneer Pothole Detection Equipment

Pot Holes

  From The Yorkshire Times.   City of York Council has been selected as one of two authorities to receive a share of £1.2bn government funding for a one year trial of revolutionary pothole detecting cameras. The cameras will be fixed to refuse vehicles and used to identify road surface problems before they become potholes. […]

Hundreds Of Homes Are Built Each Year Despite Flood Risk Objections


  By Dean Kirby in iNews.   Hundreds of homes are being approved by planning chiefs in England each year in spite of official objections from the Environment Agency about the risk of flooding, it can be revealed. Figures obtained by i under the Freedom of Information Act show that more than 1,200 residential properties […]

UK Airports Asked To Make Improvements For People With ‘Hidden Disabilities’

Air Travel

  From News.   Airports will provide more support for people with hidden disabilities under new guidelines introduced by the aviation regulator. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) guidance sets out how UK airports can make air travel more accessible for people with conditions such as dementia, autism, hearing loss and visual impairment. The guidelines, […]

Defibrillator Installed In York Street


    From The Press.   A New defibrillator has been installed in a York street, after a spate of incidents caused businesses to decide to take action. The equipment is now in position outside the Costcutter store on Bishopthorpe road, and has been paid for by the area’s Bishopthorpe Road Traders Association and some […]

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