How Much Does It Cost To Charge Your Phone Or Tablet ?

Smart Phones

  From SAGA Magazine.   Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones are far more powerful than mobile phones of old. Crammed with computer processors, ablaze with brilliant screens and sporting decent speakers means a limited battery life that leaves you constantly hooking your device up to the mains for a recharge. Worse […]

Twitter Is Changing Its Rules To Protect Disabled Users From Abuse

twitter 3

From Disabled Go News.   Twitter has updated the wording of its rules to make the reporting of hateful comments against disabled people easier following a campaign by a disability charity. Muscular Dystrophy UK had called for the social media site to change its abusive tweet reporting page, claiming the lack of a clear option […]

Picture Post: Nearly All Gone – Third Energy Empties Kirby Misperton Fracking Site


  By Ruth Hayhurst in Drill Or Drop.   Drone pictures taken today of Third Energy’s Kirby Misperton fracking site in North Yorkshire show that the site has now been cleared. Third Energy told local people last week that is was releasing the frack spread after the contractor wanted to use it in Europe. Equipment has gradually […]

Practical Solutions To Everyday Spoonie Problems


  From ‘A Journey Through The Fog’. Having a chronic illness like ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia means everyday tasks can be challenging, exhausting and painful. But there are steps we can take to make life easier, to limit the stress caused and to conserve our energy for more enjoyable activities. Here are some practical solutions to […]

Your Legal Rights To Accessible Transport


  Equality Act 2010   The Equality Act 2010 replaced all previous equality legislation, including the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA). It protects disabled people in all areas, including transport. Under the Act, transport providers have the duty to provide an accessible service and make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to offer the same standard of service to […]

Stop Doing Quizzes On Facebook If You Place Any Value On Your Privacy


  By Mark Wycislik-Wilson in Beta News.   You might think that talking about Facebook and privacy in the same breath is a little odd. The two just don’t go hand in hand, surely? Trying to use Facebook whilst maintaining your privacy is an exercise in futility, right? Well, yes, it’s certainly true that hitting a social […]

Fire Service Delayed By Software In Whitby Magpie Cafe Blaze

The Magpie

  From BBC News.   A failure of technology in a fire control room led to a seven-minute delay despatching an engine to a restaurant blaze. The Magpie Cafe in Whitby, North Yorkshire, suffered extensive damage in the fire on 1 May 2017. The restaurant’s owners believe it was 20 to 25 minutes before a […]

How Doctors Gaslight Women into Doubting Their Own Pain


  By Suzannah Weiss in Broadly Vice.   f all the ways women are disadvantaged in society, one of the most overlooked yet most fundamental is the way in which women’s physical health is misunderstood and neglected. Medical research tends to use male subjects and overlook conditions experienced primarily by women. A 2007 study in the Journal of Women’s Health found […]

Wheelchair Users In UK To Be Given Enhanced Rights For Bus Travel


  By Owen Bowcott in The Guardian.   Wheelchair users are to be given enhanced rights for bus travel, the government has announced, after a landmark supreme court judgment. The transport minister, Nusrat Ghani, has promised to improve access to spaces on vehicles that are intended to be reserved for disabled passengers. The decision follows the legal victory last […]

Hull Trawler Tragedy 50th Anniversary Marked With Service


  From BBC News.   A memorial service to mark 50 years since 58 fishermen died in three separate trawler tragedies has taken place in Hull. The St Romanus, Kingston Peridot and Ross Cleveland trawlers all sank within weeks of each other in 1968. The deaths sparked a group of women, dubbed the Headscarf Revolutionaries, […]

Cooking With A Physical Disability


  By Emily Han in @Kitchen.   For those with a permanent or temporary physical disability involving mobility impairment, cooking can present challenges as well as opportunities for creative problem solving. Not all disabilities or people are the same, but some of the common issues include limitations in standing, reaching, or using one side of […]

Help From Your Pharmacy Team


  From NHS Choices.   Your local pharmacy is the place to go to get any prescription medicines and clinical advice for minor health concerns. But they do a lot more than that. As well as helping with common illnesses – like sore throats, coughs, colds, tummy troubles and aches and pains – pharmacy teams can also help […]

York Has The Most Congested Road In Yorkshire – With 1,000 Jams In A Single Year


  From YorkMix.   The next time you get stuck in a York traffic jam, console yourself with this fact. When it comes to road congestion, we lead the way. A new analysis by traffic data experts Inrix found that the junction with the worst congestion in Yorkshire was the Hopgrove Roundabout. The roundabout, which connects the […]

Why The Annual Winter Health Crisis Could Be Solved In Homes, Not Hospitals


  By Richard Morris in The Conversation.   As winter continues, so does the usual soul searching about the state of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). Images of ambulances backing up outside emergency departments and patients lying on trolleys in corridors haunt politicians and the public alike. Demand on the NHS, which is always […]

Care And Support For Older People


If you’re looking for advice about how you can get care and support for yourself or someone else, our guides can provide the answers. If you need more help or your situation is urgent, call our Freephone Helpline on 0800 319 6789 to arrange to speak to an adviser. As you get older, your care and support […]

How To Avoid The Fake Debt Collector Scam


  From SAGA Magazine.   Fraudsters are cold calling people demanding payments for debts that don’t exist. Here’s how to protect yourself from this scam. Action Fraud, the National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre, is aware of a recent increase in the number of calls to members of the public by fraudsters requesting payments […]

The Failure Of Clinical Guidance For People With ME


  From #MEAction.   ME advocate Mary Dimmock has written a comprehensive report about the flawed science that led to the recommendation of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and graded exercise therapy (GET) for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.  The patient community has long reported these treatments to be ineffective and harmful, and, yet, health societies and […]

Travel Industry Still Failing To Meet Needs Of Disabled Holidaymakers Is Unacceptable


  From posabilitymagazine.   Charity responds to BBC One’s ‘Rip Off Britain’ as evidence travel industry needs to take disabled consumers more seriously. National respite holiday charity Revitalise has responded to BBC One’s latest episode of ‘Rip Off Britain’, using it as evidence that the travel industry needs to take requirements of disabled holidaymakers more seriously. According to […]

More Than 30 Trees Set To Be Felled From Main York Road


  From YorkMix.   Fourteen mature lime trees are set to be removed as part of a 30-year replanting plan. The trees would go from the York St John University boundary on Lord Mayor’s Walk. It is also recommended that 20 young lime trees planted to replace the older ones also get the chop – […]

Letters To Professor Mark Baker At NICE


  From Invest in ME Research.   In July 2017 Invest in ME Research responded to the NICE 10 year surveillance (2017) – Chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis click here This pdf is an easier format to read is here. Recently, whilst preparing for the planned Stakeholders’ Workshop (16 January 2018) to review the NICE guidelines for ME […]

Post-Exertional Malaise (PEM) And Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) In Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)


By S. Eyssens.   Preface: “The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing.”Oscar Wilde. Until Europeans discovered Australia, Black Swans did not exist, let alone could they even be imagined. They did not make sense, nor could they be, as they challenged common sense and common knowledge at that time in our […]

Grants To Help Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter And Beyond

York Council

From City of York Council.   Funding available for North Yorkshire homes, courtesy of West Yorkshire Combined Authority As the cold weather continues to bite across the county, householders in York are being reminded that they can apply for up to 100%-funded grants to help insulate energy inefficient homes and reduce heating bills. Funded by […]

How Dare You Judge My Handicap Sticker


  By Ellen Smith in National Pain Report.   Having to go to appointments to my doctor here in Rhode Island, so we can again fill out the form for the state to confirm that I still qualify for a handicap sticker for me, causes a humiliating and heartbreaking feeling to have to be reminded […]

ME/CFS, NLP And The Lightning Process™ In The Looking Glass


  By Nancy Blake in Positive Health Online.   The purpose of this article is to provide an explanation of the theoretical model and practical processes underlying both appropriate and inappropriate use of NLP in the treatment of patients with ME/CFS. The timing of this article has been influenced by recent publicity about a research […]

Planned Roadworks In Yorkshire And The Humber: Monday 29 January 2018

Fulford Roadworks

  From The Yorkshire Times.   The following summary of planned new and ongoing road improvements over the coming week is correct as of Friday 26 January and could be subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. All our improvement work is carried out with the aim of causing as little disruption […]

Flu Jab: All You Need To Know About The Vaccination And The Illness

Flu (Text serie)

From iNews. Headlines about this season’s flu outbreak make for alarming reading. Considered to be the worst flu season since 2011, as many as 120 people have died in the UK. There is also concern about Aussie flu – the H3N2 strain – taking grip of the UK as it has in Australia. It is one […]

The NICE Guidelines – Starting Again ?

NICE logo

From the mrspoonseeker blog.   There was some encouraging feedback from the recent NICE ME/CFS Guidelines Stakeholder meeting, an early milestone in the long process of revising the guidelines. But was such encouragement justified? I wasn’t there myself, so I am grateful to those who attended on our behalf. Blogger and patient advocate Sally Burch reported that […]

Blue Badge Scheme Could Be Extended To Autism And Dementia Sufferers


  From BBC News:   People with dementia and autism could get blue badge parking permits in England under new government proposals. It is hoped that providing the permits for those with hidden disabilities will create equality between the treatment of physical and mental health. The Department for Transport said at the moment only certain […]

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