The Hidden Struggle Of Being Young And Chronically Ill

Nervous System

  By Bethany Freeman in The Mighty.   I’m a 19 year old university student in semester break. It’s a Saturday morning. I woke up dehydrated and nauseas, absolutely exhausted (I didn’t sleep until around 4 a.m.), sore and feeling foggy. I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling – many other young university students […]

Fatigue And ME

  I have a worry on my mind That spins my head around It causes grief, it’s beyond belief And an answer must be found   It’s about a word that’s used a lot A word filled with intrigue Not beat, not weary, not tired or wired But that bleedin’ word fatigue !   It’s […]

NHS Ransomware Cyber-Attack Was Preventable

Cyber Attack

    By Conor Deane-McKenna in The Conversation.   In a matter of hours, the NHS was effectively placed on lockdown with computer systems being held ransom and further machines powered down to prevent the spread of malware. Critical patient information has been inaccessible and several hospitals urged people to avoid accident and emergency departments, except in […]

Star Of The Hunger Games Heads To York To Talk About Milestone Movie


  From YorkMix.   He’s starred in one of the biggest film franchises of the decade – and one of its most acclaimed TV series. Now US actor, activist and writer Woody Harrelson is coming to York to talk movies. The man best known as Haymitch Abernathy, the mentor in The Hunger Games, and lauded for […]

24 Pictures Of Classic Old Chocolates And Sweets – How Many Do You Remember ?


    From YorkMix.   What an assortment! York Castle Museum has gone through its confectionery collection for its latest exhibition and come up with these gems. Curators have unearthed unusual sweet and chocolate collections, including rarely seen advertising and packaging for brands such as KitKat, After Eight, Yorkie and Terry’s Chocolate Orange, sweet making […]

New Research Discovers Evidence Of Atypical & Classical ME/CFS

Brain anatomy  - cross section

    From The Microbe Discovery Project   This latest research is the first to report evidence differentiating Atypical and Classical ME/CFS The researchers measured 51 different cytokines (immune messenger molecules) in cerebrospinal fluid. Their immune network analysis of these cytokines provided evidence that Atypical and Classical cases of ME/CFS have differing immune signatures within the central nervous system. This work […]

The Naked Scientists: Is ME An Autoimmune Disease ? Interview With Oncologists Prof Mella And Dr Fluge

Fluge and Mella

    Interview with Øystein Fluge and Olav Mella, Haukeland University Hospital, in Bergen. By Chris Smith, The Naked Scientists. Øystein Fluge and Olav Mella, Haukeland University Hospital, in Bergen Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS), also known as ME, affects about 1 person in 500. Sufferers describe symptoms of profound tiredness and lethargy that doesn’t improve with sleep […]

Minimum Wage And Living Wage To Rise April 2017


    From The Yorkshire Times.   The hourly rate for the minimum wage depends on your age and whether you’re an apprentice. You must be at least: school leaving age to get the National Minimum Wage aged 25 to get the National Living Wage – the minimum wage will still apply for workers aged […]

Mik Harley’s 28 Marathons for Invest In ME Research !

Mike Harley

  Mike Harley is running an amazing 28 marathons across Europe to help raise awareness and funds for Invest in ME Research. His next run is the Barcelona Marathon on Sunday the 12th March.  To read more about Mike’s Marathon effort and lend your support, click on the tab at the top of this site.


MY M.E. STORM   I can feel the storm clouds forming All around my head I should have stopped my ‘doing’ And rested more instead.   The soft patter of the raindrops That turn into a thud As my mind it slows as the downpour grows Turning every thought to mud.   My scrambled brain […]


ME MOT   Woke up today It’s not gone away This beast, it’s here for good Thought maybe a dream But a nightmare it seems I’d sleep through it all if I could.   As another day dawns There’s something more going on The pain’s a bit harder to stand It’s tougher to face, when […]

ME and My ‘Friend’

ME and My ‘Friend’   I want to Chat And things like that Like we used to do It hurts to talk It pains to walk But I’ll get myself to you.   I’ll get there, it’s not that far Travel by bus, too tough by car Vibrations turn senses into mire The slightest bump, […]


M.E. – JUST CUT AND PASTE….. Hair’s a mess, can’t get dressed Can I shower, that’s the test Done Ok, the shoes are on Now where the hell’s my energy gone? Another day has been a waste Another day just cut and paste.   Can’t get the hang of doing nowt Want to do, wanna […]


ME ISN’T REAL YOU KNOW……   ME isn’t real you know ME is all just fake I chose to give up work you know To rely upon the state   ME isn’t real you know It’s all just in my mind I just fancied giving up On everything in my life   ME isn’t real […]

M.E. and ME

M.E. and ME   I ran, I swam, it’s who I am I laughed, had fun, enjoyed the sun. I was doing such when this begun.   Felt a chill on a good warm day Aches and pains that won’t go away Like the flu, I heard it said But arms and legs are made […]

The Anxiety That Arises in A Chronically Ill Person During Cold And Flu Season

cold and flu

    By Katie Seternus in The Mighty.   For the average human, catching a cold means feeling tired, groggy and uncomfortable for about a week. A scratchy throat and a stuffy nose may be the extent of the symptoms the typical human adult suffers from as the body fights off the virus. But for me, […]

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