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By Jan Harris in The Yorkshire Times.

St George’s Day celebrates everything about being English and our great English Heritage. 

The day is celebrated each year on the 23rd April. It is celebrated on this date as this is supposedly when Saint George died in 303 AD.

The legend goes that Saint George was a C2017-04-23-10-15-41--914932419hristian martyr and soldier in the Roman army, who saved a princess by slaying a dragon. The blood from the dragon formed a red rose which the soldier then handed to the princess.

Red roses today are a symbol of romantic love. Red roses often appear in poetry, literature, classical artwork, contemporary films and everywhere in between.

Isn’t it about time England should recognise and celebrate their patron saint?

The Scottish celebrate St Andrew’s Day and the Irish have a national holiday for their St Patrick’s Day. 

How about making St George’s Day a bank holiday?

Join the poll now: http://www.stgeorgesday.com/voting-poll

Fish and Chips – photo by David Pursehouse

English Traditions

Fish and Chips

The fast food traditionally eaten on a Friday. Fried fish was introduced into Britain by Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain.

Afternoon Tea – photo by Wayne Thume

Cup of Tea

As we all know tea was first grown in China and taken to India by the British, but how many of us know how the tea bag was invented. 

It was a New York tea merchant in the 1900’s who sent samples of tea in silken bags and his customers assumed that the tea was to be left in the bag instead of putting in a metal infuser. And that’s how the tea bag came into being.

George & Dragon Pub – photo by David

British Pubs

It is a very long held British tradition the good old pub where the British population drink a pint in their local pub. 

The Romans have something to do with this, as when they built their network of roads, coaching inns appeared on the landscape and passers-by could stop and have a refreshing drink.

Traditional English Recipes

Toad in the hole
Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
Kedgeree – might not sound very English but it was originally an Indian dish which the Victorians adopted and it became a British breakfast dish.

English red rose – photo by Lucas Arrrrgh
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