Celebrating Independence Day When You Have A Chronic Illness




By April GP in The Mighty.


Believe! Believe that the best part of you was not in your yesterday. It was not before chronic illness.

I hear all too often, “I just want my old life back.” Well, I’m going to spin this for you as those of us who live on my side of the pond approach the Fourth of July and prepare to celebrate all that is free. But it holds true for anyone who finds themselves in this conundrum often.


As we thank those who fought for our freedom, as we honor and give much gratitude to those who continue to fight and lay down their lives, continue to give time, give all and every breath for freedom… I know we want our freedom as well. I understand the myriad things many of us have lost due to chronic and incurable illness, and let’s not forget that I, myself, fight with you. I’m not some “well person” trying to make a grandiose statement of arrival, trample on thin ice and sprinkle sunshine into a lost cause. I battle, you battle, we war together.But. Might I give you something to ponder a day in advance so you can prepare to celebrate – with everyone else – your very own kind of Independence Day?


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