Celebrating Whitney Dafoe And His “Awakening” On His 37th Birthday


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


It’s Whitney Dafoe’s 37th birthday.
He’s had chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) since 2004 and has been severely ill since about 2012. Fed by feeding tubes, eyes and ears covered, too weak to move, unable to speak or tolerate almost any stimuli. Whitney has hovered in a kind of netherworld for seven years. Except for brief arousals from Ativan, Whitney remained too ill to communicate other than through pantomining for years.

It doesn’t sound like there’s much to celebrate, but there is. For one, without speaking a word, Whitney Dafoe has made a profound difference in this field. Whitney’s illness brought his father, Ron Davis, one of the most highly acclaimed geneticists and inventors of his era, into this field. Ron Davis then brought Bob Naviaux, Mark Davis, Robert Phair, Ron Tompkins and many others into the ME/CFS orbit. New technologies and hypotheses have appeared.


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