Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: ‘It Was Like A Switch Had Been Flipped. I Couldn’t Stand Ip’

Irish Times


By Louise Ní Chríodáin in The Irish Times.


Aspiring dancer Rosa Devine was 16 when illness took her legs from under her. Bedridden, by what she came to know as chronic fatigue syndrome, comic books and art would become first a solace, and then the trajectory to a new future.

“It was easier to follow a visual page than read a sentence. Reading was exhausting. Talking to people was exhausting. Television was exhausting – it hurt my eyes, and my head and my ears.

“And it was easy to have a sketchbook in bed. I’d wake for 20 minutes, draw a bit, and then fall asleep again. The next time I had a bit of energy I could go back to the same drawing.”

From reading comics – the first was Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, brought to her from the school library – Devine graduated to drawing her own.


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