Chronic illness And The Loss Of Self

Laura Chamberlain


From ‘Lauren’s Pen’ Blog by Laura Chamberlain.


I recently watched a BBC drama/film ‘The C word’, about a woman called Lisa Lynch who had breast cancer and blogged her way through it with charm, heart-breaking honesty and wit.

I instantly regretted watching it on my own, I cried my eyes out for roughly one hour of the hour and a half. It was Les Misérables all over again, except this time Ivan wasn’t laughing at how violently I was sobbing beside him, body heaving with each cry of anguish, for I had chosen to watch this alone.

But this was a bit different. Yes I was crying because the story was sad. Yes that was worse because the story was true. But the worst thing was this: it reminded me far too much of my own life.

There was an element of grief, of loss, far beyond the fear of death itself. For the loss of yourself, who you define yourself as, losing the ability to do the very things that make you… Well… You.


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Link to Laura’s story

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