Cognition And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): Key Findings And Seminal Papers




By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


This paper attempts to identify seminal papers regarding cognition or the ability to think well in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). It covers what researcher studies tell us about cognitive problems in ME/CFS; what they are, how serious they are and what might be causing them.

Cognitive Issues

Many people with ME/CFS complain that they aren’t able to think or speak as well as before they became ill. Just how cognitively challenged people with ME/CFS are is a bit controversial but over time a pretty clear consensus has emerged regarding the cognitive challenges the group as a whole faces.

It’s important to remember that these findings reflect studies looking at the ME/CFS population as a whole, and might not reflect any one individual’s experiences.

Dr. Lange highlighted some of the common problems people with ME/CFS have in a 2010 Solve ME/CFS Initiative Webinar

  • Needing to read the same paragraph over and over again to understand it
  • Speaking sentences that defy the rules of grammar and logic
  • Agonizing decision-making processes
  • Heretofore easy to understand conversations taking on an almost algebraic difficulty


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