Coming To Terms With Sleep Disturbance



By Pippa Stacey in CareCo Mobility News.

With March being National Bed Month, I thought I’d use today’s piece to discuss my experiences with a natural human function that continues to evade me… sleep.

Y’know what’s really fun? Having a long-term condition that causes chronic fatigue, and yet simultaneously impacts your ability to achieve restorative sleep. Sleep issues are widely reported in my illness (ME/CFS), and whilst some people experience impairments such as hypersomnia, sleep reversal, restless legs syndrome, and many more, insomnia is the cross I’ve personally been given to bear.

At my worst, there would be weeks in a row where I’d be getting under four hours of sleep per night. There have been occasions where my alarm clock has gone off in the morning, and I hadn’t slept a wink.


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