Consultation Regarding Accessibility at Clifford’s Tower Area York

Clifford's Tower


As you may know, a consultation process is under way with regard to the revamping of Clifford’s Tower area of York.
This week I was invited by English Heritage to add my input with regard to accessibility for the area.
The revamp will include removing the car park currently alongside the tower, which is to be replaced in part by a multi-storey in St George’s Field. (This will house 20 disabled parking bays). You will be pleased to know that the previous ideas for a visitor’s centre have been changed, with plans now to either house it in a building separate to the tower, or as part of the current Museum visitor centre.
The idea of a lift inside the tower has been deemed not feasible for various reasons, but plans are in hand to make the current steps a little easier, with resting platforms at various stages being build in.
With regard to accessibility, and without going through all that was discussed, you may wish to know that I fed in the following points and needs:
Accessible toilets to changing places standards.
All surfacing to be accessibility friendly, despite York being keen on cobbles. I made all aware of the problems that cobbles, gravel, and badly maintained paving create.
All pay points, vendors and the like to have counters of suitable height.
Electronic doors suitable for wheelchair and scooter users.
Handrails where necessary.
Sufficient outdoor seating, as York is very poor in this respect around town.
A quiet room / area.
A dog friendly area, both for assistance dogs and general visitors use.
Water fountains.
Ramps / dropped kerbs where necessary, but the hope being that the area will be designed so as not to be required.
Other points were covered, and more will be fed in during other forthcoming meetings which I will report on.

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